Kingdom Come Deliverance Find a spade - Homecoming quest

As you progress through Kingdom Come Deliverance you will come across different main and side quests, that can be completed in variety of unique ways. Kingdom Come Deliverance Find a spade is an objective that you’ll have to complete during the third main quest titled Homecoming. Once Henry succeeds in leaving the Talmberg Castle, although his liege lord Sir Radzig Kobyla tried to keep him in the castle, it will trigger a cutscene and the Homecoming quest. In this guide we’ll help you find a spade in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Where to find a spade

kingdom come deliverance spade location homecomingHomecoming quest will send Henry back to Skalitz – his home, to find his parents’ bodies and bury them. Sigismund’s soldiers massacred everyone they came across. Henry will find his parents on the street, where they were cut down. After the cutscene, you’ll have to complete the hardest part of the Homecoming quest – Find a spade. Many players had a problem with this objective because the spade is not marked on the map, and it’s very hard to find it in the ruined village.

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From the place where Henry found his parents’ bodies, go down the hill. Before you start searching throughout the village, listen for a dog barking. Once you come across a man that was hanged, turn left and go through the gate just across from the place where a man was hanged. In the backyard, you’ll see a dog and Zbyshek villager in front of the butcher’s body. During the conversation with Zbyshek, you can avoid fighting him, and make him run away if you select these answers:

  1. You’re looting corpses
  2. I asked first
  3. Have I disturbed your looting

Once he runs away, pick up the spade stuck in the ground, and complete your objective.

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