Kingdom Come Deliverance Mod Turns Swords Into Lightsabers

There’s a new mod out for Kingdom Come Deliverance, which turns longswords, sabers, and shortswords into lightsabers. Sure, it clashes with the games realistic, medieval aesthetic. But don’t tell me that you’ve never daydreamed about how cool it would be for medieval knights to duke it out with lightsabers.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Mod Turns Swords Into Lightsabers
Kingdom Come Deliverance Mod Turns Swords Into Lightsabers

One of the main draws of Kingdom Come Deliverance is definitely its realistic, medieval setting. No magic, no monsters, no dragons; just normal people going about their daily lives. Sure, they all have their agendas; that’s where the conflicts you have to solve come from. But, at the core, it’s all about the realism. Same goes for the game’s swordplay, which goes to great lengths to be as realistic as possible. So, how about you completely break that to smithereens? Wouldn’t it be cool if Henry and everybody else wielded lightsabers?

Well, thanks to Nexus Mods, you absolutely can become Darth Henry. Or Henry Skywalker, whatever. The mod brings in fourteen unique models of lightsabers. They replace sabers, shortswords, and longswords in the game. Polearms, war hammers, hunting swords, and maces remain unchanged. So, unfortunately, no Darth Maul double-bladed lightsaber. That being said, from the images provided by the mod’s creator, you can discern several other popular lightsabers from the franchise. There’s Kylo Ren’s sabre, as seen above. But also, there’s Mace Windu’s, Obi Wan’s, Luke Skywalker’s, Count Dooku’s, to name a few. Oh, and the mod also replaces the textures of the Moon with the Death Star, just for good measure.

For added silliness, though, the sharpening mechanic still works on the lightsabers. And, unfortunately, there are no lightsaber sound effects, according to PC Gamer. The blades do not retract when you’re not using them, either; it’s just a model swap for the heck of it. So, if you want to transport medieval Bohemia to the galaxy far, far away, now you can.

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