FFXV PC Version Pre-loads Available, Square Enix Sale on Steam

Pre-loads for the PC version of Final Fantasy XV are now up. The game is coming out in a few days, and pre-loading it will let you play as soon as possible. Additionally, Square Enix is hosting a huge sale of their games on Steam this weekend, ending on Monday at 10 AM Pacific.

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FFXV PC Version Pre-loads Available, Square Enix Sale on Steam
FFXV PC Version Pre-loads Available, Square Enix Sale on Steam

If you’re planning to play Final Fantasy XV on the PC, then we have some good news for you. Pre-loads for the PC version of FFXV are now live, according to the FFXV Twitter account. The game itself is coming out on Tuesday, March 6th. So, if you want to start playing as soon as possible, you might want to get that pre-load going. After all, the world of Eos needs saving.

In other (and somewhat related) news, there’s a huge Square Enix sale happening on Steam. The aim is probably to get the hype going for the PC release of Final Fantasy XV. There’s a wide array of Square Enix games on discounts up to 89%. Of course, FFXV is not on the menu as far as discounts go, but come on, it’s $40 as it is. The sale will last until Monday, 10 PM Pacific Time. So, you’ll have the whole weekend to browse the games on offer and see if you want to pick any of them up.

The list is way too long to cover all the discounts, so we’re just going to go through a few of them. As far as recent huge hits go, you can pick up Nier: Automata for half off, Rise of the Tomb Rider (67% off), Just Cause 3 (75% off), Deus Ex Mankind Divided (80% off), and more. Then, there are old school classics, like a whole host of Tomb Rider games, Deus Ex games, and my beloved Legacy of Kain games. And even Daikatana, for some god-forsaken reason. And, of course, pretty much every Final Fantasy games starting with FF III is on sale, as well. So, take a gander; you might just find something you’d like.

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