Kingdom Come Deliverance Next To Godliness - Wine, Flowers & Roses

Next to Godliness is a quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance. You can start it by talking to Sir Hans in his room in Rattay – he’ll suggest a trip to the bathhouse. Once you meet him there, he’ll ask you to bring him some special wine, followed by a bouqet of various flowers. A lot of players have been having trouble entering the wine cellar or finding the roses for the bouquet, so we’ve decided to write a guide for Kingdom Come Deliverance Next to Godliness quest.

How to get wine in Next to Godliness quest?

The first thing Hans will ask you for is a pitcher of Sylvan red from the wine cellar under the Rathaus. Before you leave the bathhouse, be sure to look in the chest next to the tub – grabbing Sir Hans Capon’s Keys from it will allow you to enter the cellar without having to pick some pretty difficult locks.

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kingdom come deliverance next to godliness wine cellar keys

Go to the armory and face the door. Go left and follow the building until you reach a locked back entrance. The keys you swiped in the bathhouse will let you enter. Once inside, snoop around until you find the stairs leading into the cellar. As soon as you start going down, a guard will stop you. Tell him you’re going to get some wine for Lord Capon – choose your next answer depending on which skills you’ve invested in.

Once he lets you in, you’ll see a pitcher on a barrel in the middle of the room. Grab it, then use it on the rightmost barrel in the bottom row.

kingdom come deliverance next to godliness wine location sylvan red

Where to find flowers in Next to Godliness quest?

After you deliver the wine, Hans will send you to get a bunch of flowers for Klara. The bouquet should include poppy, dandelions, sage and roses. You can find all of these in the Upper Castle gardens (the game will let you know once you’ve completed the bouquet). Go to the fast travel point at the gate, then enter the castle. As soon as you’re through the gate, turn right and go past the well. Follow the passage onto a terrace. If you turn left, you’ll see the garden with all the flowers you need.

Important Note: You need to pick up ALL the quest needed flowers (with the marked roses at the end preferable), or this, first to the last step will fail.

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  1. S
    Stephen Whiterod

    Does not work for me,get down to the cellar the guard stops me and then I get no conversation option but an infinite loading screen.

    1. A

      Same here. Key won’t even unlock the door. Cellar is accessible through the scribe’s room, but the guard is friendly and just says “Hi.”

  2. H
    hatzerino hanzerino

    same here, i picked the keys from the trunk in the bathhouse *which btw i recommend everyone to steal sir hans sword *, but they cant open the door which is a very hard pick lock, so i couldnt finish the quest for that reason.

  3. C
    Christian Potter

    After the fight, Hans won’t be in the bathhouse, his stuff is still in the container, I stole his sword, I’m even wearing it and he hasn’t noticed, I saved before hand but hopefully this doesn’t bite me in the ass

  4. C

    I can’t gather roses. I swear 🙁

    1. M

      Just press ‘E’ when next to them. The magic will happen

  5. A

    I learned that if you take anything but the keys, the quest will glitch. Also, you have to gather the poppy, sage, and nettle first. Save the roses for last or the quest will glitch. If you save the roses for last you should be able to pick them up with ease. What I did was I picked every flower in the garden and then the roses. If you’re doing the wine part, don’t enter the cellar. Wait on the stairs for the guard to come to you and talk to you. That should prevent him from glitching.

    1. A

      I forgot to mention the door. It’s not the first door you see on the right. After that door, there is a set of stairs next to it. Go up those stairs and unlock the door. If you’re in stealth mode it won’t allow you to use the keys. You have to be standing up. Good luck, everyone!

  6. D

    I lockpicked the first door and when the guard asked me what I was doing there, in the dialog an option appears “I need to take wine for Lord Capon” – you end up bribing the guy +/-25 groschen and he will open the door for you. If your lockpicking skill is low, attempting to break in will alert the guard and he will come out where you can bribe him.

  7. B

    I simply could not lockpicj the very hard lock blocking the garden Any other way to get roses?

    1. S

      You have probably found a way in but i’m writing this for others aswell, I couldn’t lockpick the door nor use Capon’s key. The way i got through is to wait for a guard to go in and then walk in with him before he close the door.

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