Kingdom Come Deliverance How to Exit Nightmare - Awakening Quest

Awakening is a quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance. It is a quest you get very early in the game. It’s not too difficult to complete, but the Nightmare section has been giving some players trouble. This is likely due to some kind of glitch. That being said, this guide will show you how to exit the nightmare and complete the Awakening quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance How to Exit Nightmare - Awakening Quest
Kingdom Come Deliverance How to Exit Nightmare – Awakening Quest

How to Escape Nightmare in Kingdom Come Deliverance Awakening Quest?

In order to escape the nightmare sequence in the Awakening quest, you simply need to follow the waypoints on the HUD. When the sequence starts, follow the waypoint until you reach the handful of enemies and scared villagers. Fight of the enemies. That won’t be too hard. After that, you just need to follow the waypoint further until the nightmare is over. If the waypoint doesn’t appear, just walk around until the marker appears.

How to Complete Awakening Quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance

When you wake up, you can take your stuff from the chest in the mill. The game’s world is open to you now, and you can go pretty much wherever you please. It’s up to you to decide where you want to go. We’ll go straight to the point. Your next step in the main storyline is to go see Lord Radzig in Pirkstein. The game will show you exactly where to go – to the south and slightly to the east.

Follow the road leading to the new town (the map marker and the waypoint on your compass will lead you true) until you reach the entrance. The guards will stop you. You can attempt a speech check to convince them to let you in. It doesn’t matter if you succeed or not; they’ll let you in regardless.

On your way to the other part of the castle (the south side) where Radzig is residing, several more guards will stop you. You can chat with them, but either way, they’ll let you through, because they know who yo are. After you find Radzig and the cutscene plays out, the Awakening quest will be over.

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