1. D

    This sword piece isnt there at all. The room doesnt even look the same. Maybe its different on pc but xbox one doesnt look like that and no sword to be found there. Id also like to ad that i havent played or even seen the quest you said that starts the queen sheba sword but yet ive got 3 pieces and had that conversation with the sword smith in sasau. I really dont know if the game is that different from console to console but you should get your facts right when writing the facts about the game.

  2. D

    My bad the barrel gliched and wasnt showing i had to restart my game and it appeared. Sorry about that. Lmao. This game sucks so bad for those types of problems.
    Yes yes im an idiot. Ill take a bow and leave.

    1. S

      Thanks Dan, doing my 2nd playthrough in HC mode and didnt do this quest the first time. Then read your comment and looked again..the piece was floating there mid air! Hard to see. Thank you!

  3. D

    But i still havent started that original quest to give water or whatever but ive still done the rest. Weird.

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