Kingdom Come Deliverance Queen of Sheba's Sword - Piece Locations

Queen of Sheba’s Sword is a side quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance. You can start it by talking to a particular blacksmith, but only after you’ve already acquired one of the sword’s pieces. The blacksmith will ask you to gather the remaining shards, so that he can reforge the blade. The game won’t tell you where to find them, though, which is exactly what you’ll find in our Kingdom Come Deliverance Queen of Sheba’s Sword quest guide.

You can start the quest by talking to the swordsmith in Sasau after you’ve obtained one piece. He can be found in the south part of town, as soon as you cross the river.

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Where to find Queen of Sheba sword pieces?

You can get one piece by assigning Pickman work as a water carrier during the Aquarius quest. Afterwards, talk to him and he’ll give you the sword piece. Keep in mind this piece is missable. If you complete the quest without giving Pickman work, you won’t be able to obtain the sword.

You can get the second piece from Zach, the Sasau blacksmith. His workshop is in the northern part of town, right next to the monastery, and he’s the one with the yellow cap. You can either pickpocket him, or knock him out and steal it. If you choose the latter, you can either follow him home after hours, or wait for his apprentice to leave the shop (around noon).

The third piece is in Ledetchko, owned by the local blacksmith. You’ll find his shoppe on the south bank of the river – he’s the only one who lives there, so you won’t be able to miss him. If you’re feeling particularly generous, you can buy his piece for 200 groschen. Otherwise, simply pickpocket or choke him.

The next piece is in Rattay. You’ll find it in the home of the local swordsmith. He works and lives in the western part of town. The shard is in a trunk on the second floor, next to the inner staircase. You’ll need a key for it, or the ability to crack a very hard lock. The swordsmith himself has a key, but we got ours from a woman who entered the house for some reason – presumably a member of his family.

The last one is in Talmberg, in the blacksmith’s house. He lives in the center of the village, near the place where the two rivers converge. When you enter the house, you’ll see two doors on your left. Go through the second one, and you’ll see the piece on a barrel in the corner.

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  1. J
    Jonas Boedeker

    The 5th piece of the sword from pickman can still be found, even if you don’t get him a job.
    It is located on a shelf in the storageroom at the home of the blacksmith in northern rattay.

    1. S
      Spencer Louch

      Jonas, thanks so much. The piece was on the top shelf in the far left corner and on the front left corner of the shelf

    2. A
      Atom A Ammar

      Really which house his the Blacksmiths of the Northen Ratty Castle??

      1. H

        Bellow the blacksmith marker. The storage room of the house is easy to recognize. The piece is hard to see on the corner of a shelf

        1. C

          In my game its hard to see because the barrellnits not visible. And if yo stick to the left corner, it apears

          1. O

            Exact same thing for me, the barrel wasn’t visible

    3. B

      brilliant ty.

    4. A

      Thank you so much!!!!

  2. M

    That might make it the 6th piece to be found then. I messaged the devs thinking it might be a bug of some sort that you can’t find all 5 peices without Pickman giving you his, but I was told there are 6 pieces you can find in total.

    1. J

      -Guide mentions five pieces.
      -Someone comments that there’s an additional piece NOT MENTIONED IN THE GUIDE.
      -5 pieces in guide + 1 additional piece mentioned in comments = total of 6 pieces.
      -You say the devs said there’s 6 pieces.
      – “That MIGHT make it the 6th piece to be found then”
      ……… No. Fucking. Shit.
      You’re one smart cookie.

  3. E

    That’s amazing, thanks for the tip!

  4. D

    1. Smith in Sasau
    2. Smith in Talmberg
    3. Smith in Ledetschko
    4. Weapon-Smith in Rattay
    5. Rattay in the smith house in an shelf.
    6. Pickel in Rattay

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