Kingdom Come Deliverance Questions & Answers - Where to find Radzig

Questions and Answers is one of the main story quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance. It’s a long mission with lots of objectives, but there are some nasty bugs that are preventing people from finishing it. For a lot of players, Radzig seems to disappear before you can report to him after interrogating the bandit or getting the captive’s letter. There are some workarounds that can help, but no guaranteed solution. In this guide, we’re going to try to help you complete Kingdom Come Deliverance Questions & Answers quest.

kingdom come deliverance questions answers quest where to find radzig
Kingdom Come Deliverance Questions & Answers – Where to find Radzig

Where to find Radzig after interrogation?

After you interrogate the bandit or take the letter from his dead body, you’re supposed to report back to Radzig. The quest marker will point you towards the camp near Talmberg. However, when you arrive, he may not be there. We’re going to try and compile a list of all the locations you can find him if he buggs out:

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  • Next to the stable in Merhojed
  • In Rattay castle
  • At the Neuhoff stable

Radzig won’t talk about interrogation

There’s another bug in the quest, and it often manifests itself along with the one above. When you find Radzig after talking to the prisoner or getting the captive’s letter, he may not offer you the option to talk about it. There’s a chance he’ll talk to you about it, then pretend like the talk didn’t happen. The problem seems to stem from the fact that Radzig isn’t where he’s suposed to be.

A bunch of players reported that talking to him, then returning to the camp near Talmberg and sleeping there helped. If sleeping doesn’t trigger the cutscene, try approaching Radzig’s horse or entering his tent.

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  1. S

    Could anyone tell me where on the map the camp near Talmberg is again? It bugged out for me and since I don’t have a quest marker I can’t find the camp where Sir Radzig should have been.

    1. K

      If you make a point directly between Talmberg and Merhojed, look north and you will see a little camp on the edge of the woods near some mountains. The smoke bellow will be the easiest thing to spot.

    2. P

      Hi, its to the left of Talmberg. look on your map there is a camp and smoke

  2. K

    What an annoying bug! I found Radzig ON HIS HORSE INSIDE THE UPPER CASTLE IN RATAY! Not moving a bit. I couldn’t talk to him. So I punched his horse, he fell from it, I had to pay 1K Groschen to a guard and then I could talk to Radzig but he only tells me to wait with my report until we are there (at the lookout point). I hoped this little conversation would fix the bug, traveled to the lookout point again and waited a day but nothing happened.

    So I went back to the upper castle and there he was AGAIN ON HIS STINKING HORSE! Maybe the horse has a broken engine and he is waiting for the mechanic, I don’t know. So this time I killed his damn horse, had to pay 1K penalty again and now Radzig was running in the direction of Neuhof. So finally some movement here. I traveled back to the lookout point again, waited a day and then he finally was there and I could finish the quest…

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