Kingdom Come Deliverance Ginger in a Pickle Bug Fix - How to Start the Quest

The Ginger in a Pickle quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance isn’t working after patch 1.2.5. Resourceful players have already found a workaround for the new Ginger in a Pickle glitch. It’ll take some time and patience, but it makes the game playable. So, let’s see how to fix Ginger in a Pickle patch 1.2.5 bug in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Ginger in a Pickle Bug Fix - How to Start the Quest
Kingdom Come Deliverance Ginger in a Pickle Bug Fix – How to Start the Quest

Kingdom Come Deliverance patch 1.2.5. has broken the game even more. It rendered the Ginger in a Pickle quest impossible to start. Nobody is entirely sure why this is happening, but luckily, there is a workaround for the Ginger in a Pickle quest. They are a huge bother, but at least you’ll be able to play the game while waiting for an official fix.

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Ginger in a Pickle Patch 1.2.5. Bug Solution – How to Fix the Quest?

The first method to fix the Ginger in a Pickle quest after patch 1.2.5 is to basically download the earlier version of the game from Steam. Specifically, to roll it back to version 1.2. using the general method provided here. Before that, create a backup of the game in the Steam folder. Once you open the Steam console, type in the command download_depot 379430 379432 1574197374724500814 (thank you to Reddit user Cryonical). That will download the 1.2 version of the game. From there, copy the re-downloaded files into the original and opt to replace whenever you’re prompted. Basically, the offending files are Developer.pak, GameData.pak, and Scripts.pak). Launch Kingdom Come Deliverance and complete The Hunt Begins, and Ginger in a Pickle should trigger. Save your game and exit, then replace this game folder with the backup you made earlier.

Alternatively, you can try and download this small mod, provided by Reddit user r40k. R40k does point out that you’re using it at your own risk, and that waiting for an official fix is the better option. Also, it would seem that patch 1.2.5 has been rolled back, anyway. Still, if the quest is still bugged out for you, at least you have options.

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