Kingdom Come Deliverance Rocketeer Quest - How to Find Assassin

Rocketeer is a main quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance. In it, you have to convince Konrad Keyser to help build a trebuchet. As many other quests in the game, the Rocketeer has some glitches that can kill your game, especially when you have to find an “assassin” out to get Keyser. So, we’re going to show you how to find assassin in Kingdom Come Deliverance Rocketeer quest, as well as where to find Konrad Keyser, etc.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Rocketeer Quest - How to Find Assassin
Kingdom Come Deliverance Rocketeer Quest – How to Find Assassin

Where to Find Konrad Keyser – Kingdom Come Deliverance Rocketeer Quest

Konrad Keyser lives in Sasau Monastery. When you arrive there, you can talk to the people hanging around to learn where he lives. You’ll run into a guard at the door. You’ll have to talk to him in order to come into the house. There’s no reason to lie to the guard or try to trick him; just tell him the truth, and he’ll let you in.

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where to find konrad keyser rocketeer quest kingdom come deliverance

How to Get Commission with Abbot’s Signature in Kingdom Come Deliverance Rocketeer Quest

To get the commission, you can either steal it, or play dice with Master Karel until he’s broke. After you’ve talked with Konrad Keyser in the Sasau monastery, he’ll tell you that you need to get the commission in order for him to leave the monastery and help you out with the trebuchet. As to which option you choose, it’s entirely up to you. If you’re good at dice, then that’s the less risky option. When you beat Karel (he’ll be at the tavern in the north corner of the Monastery territory), ask him to release Conrad and give the 500 Groschen to release Konrad. If, on the other hand, you have sticky, nimble fingers, you can swipe the commission. Then, go talk with Keyser again.

Where to Find Assassin in Rocketeer Quest – Kingdom Come Deliverance?

The assassin in the Rocketeer quest will appear right at the door of Konrad’s house. Just walk outside and hide in the shed. Just in case, be in sneak mode. The assassin will show up between 11 PM and 1 AM. Unfortunately, this part is bugged for a lot of people. If he doesn’t appear, go to the gate and see if he’s there. That might not work, so try waiting for 11 PM again. If that doesn’t work, you’ll probably have to reload the save. Once you do make the assassin to show up, you’ll find out that Peychar is not an assassin at all. Say that you believe him, and wait for the morning to talk with Konrad Keyser again.

How to Complete Rocketeer Quest?

After you talk with Keyser, all you have to do is go to Talmberg. Afterwards, talk to Feyfar, and remind him to mind he passwords. Exit the conversation, and the quest will be over.

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  1. D
    Donavan Carney

    The information about letting Peychar go due to him being innocent is wrong, he is out to kill konrad, and will attempt to kill him at the siege camp. i have tried it this way, and now master konrad will not talk to me, so make sure you dont not let him go peacefully, arrest or kill Peychar .

  2. B

    If bugged and, Peychar won’t appear at the door, simply stealth kill him in his bed at the inn. Problem solved….

    1. J

      When in doubt, murder.

      1. N
        Neil Law

        Peychar is the assassin, attempts to kill Konrad at the camp if you don’t kill him in Sasau

  3. So while I was waiting for the assassin I found the Charltan sneaking around so I talked to him but he just wanted me to become is apprentice, an then it bugged out and I couldn’t leave him. Plus I talked to him earlier in the game and it kept freezing I tried 3 times

  4. L

    when I tried to confront him he tried to fight me and I knocked him out but when he woke up he ran away from me

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