Kingdom Come Deliverance Saintly Remains - Saint Procopius Location

Saintly Remains is one of the ten billion side quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance. You can start it by talking to Urban, the guard in front of the Custodian’s house by the monastery. If you talk about his boredom, he’ll tell you he’d very much like to touch the remains of Saint Procopius, but the monks won’t let him. Enter Henry, our brave and noble grave robber. You’ll have to get into the sacred cave and snatch something for Urban to rub. Some players are having trouble finding the tomb, which is why we’ve written this Kingdom Come Deliverance Saintly Remains quest guide.

kingdom come deliverance saintly remains quest
Kingdom Come Deliverance Saintly Remains – Saint Procopius Location

Where to find Saint Procopius remains?

If you don’t want to rob a grave, you can fool Urban by giving him fake remains. You can either buy some from the Charlatan, or dig up some random poor soul’s grave and snap their finger off.

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However, if you want to offer him the real thing, you’ll have to venture into the cave beneath the monastery. You’ll find it on the north side of the compound. Follow the monastery walls past the scaffolding until you reach a ruined house. Go inside, and through the first door. If you turn right, you’ll see the monastery’s rear entrance. If you turn left, a set of stairs leading down. Go down them and follow the tunnel. As soon as you’re in the first chamber, you should see a wooden cross in front of you. Pick up the bowl next to it – that’s the item you’re looking for.

Take it back to Urban, and he’ll touch it a bit. He’ll advise you to return it afterwards, since it is a holy item, after all. You can decide to ask for some groschen as a reward, or play the nobleman and announce his gratitude is reward enough.

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  1. Q
    Quest bug

    Quest is bugged if you do not have internet to update the game. If you give him the Bowl instead of the fake remains from the charlatan he will ask for you to return the bowl, however when you do the bowl becomes glitched and stays permanently stuck to your right forearm. I would suggest giving him the bone instead -only- if you do not have the ability, like I, to update your game.

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