Kingdom Come Deliverance Where to Find Fritz and Get Lockpicks

Finding Fritz and getting free lockpicks in Kingdom Come Deliverance is what you want to do to avoid fighting Kunesh during the Unexpected Visit quest and to get hard-to-find lockpicks. One of the objectives in Unexpected Visit is to Collect the debt from Kunesh. As with many things in Kingdom Come Deliverance this can be resolved in several ways. You can fight Kunesh, which is very hard for people just starting the game, or, if you fail fighting him, steal back the items he owns. To steal them you will have to open the chest in his house, but it is locked. We’ll discuss the quest, various ways to solve it and where to find Fritz and get lockpicks.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Where to Find Fritz & Get Lockpicks
Kingdom Come Deliverance Where to Find Fritz & Get Lockpicks

Collect the debt from Kunesh

You need to reclaim the hammer, nails and an axe from Kunesh. Axe is outside, but the hammer and nails are in a locked chest inside his house. The quest basically suggests you fight Kunesh, but many players find this hard. If you beat him in a fight he’ll willingly surrender his keys and let you pick up everything. If you lose or, during the conversation, choose not to mess with him you’ll get an objective that asks you to find an alternative way to get the items. You can try sneaking up behind him and knocking him unconscious to just get the keys, but this often results in a failure and permanent hostile status. Alternative is to sneak past him inside the house and lockpick the chest to get the items. Once you attempt this you will get the optional objective to find Fritz and get lockpicks.

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Where is Fritz and How to Get free Lockpicks in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Fritz is in front of the Skalitz Tavern square initially, along with two other friends of yours. You’ll come across them while doing the main story quest. They will offer an optional objective for the main quest. They want to take revenge on Deutsch because he spoke ill of the king. Their idea of revenge is throwing manure at his freshly whitewashed house. If you did not accept the quest you will have no idea where Fritz went. If you do it you will see that your friends will go behind the barn north west of Kunesh’s place. You will find Fritz near Kunesh’s house eventually, whether you accepted the optional objective or not. To get the free lockpicks talk to him after you attempted to open the locked chest inside Kunesh’s house. Now all you need to do is upgrade the lockpicking skill (done through another quest), but that is a whole other topic.

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