Kingdom Hearts 3 Big Beasts & Bugs Wall Display Location

Big Beasts & Bugs wall display is one of the photo mission targets in Kingdom Hearts 3. The Moogle shopkeeper will ask you to take a picture of it, and in return, he’ll unlock a new synthesis for you. If nothing else, you’ll have to do it if you eventually want to get your hands on the Ultima Weapon. If you have no idea what you’re looking for here, our Kingdom Hearts 3 Big Beasts & Bugs wall display location guide will tell you what it is, and show you where to find it.

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kingdom hearts 3 big beasts bugs wall display location
KH3 Big Beasts & Bugs Location – Photo Mission

Where to find Big Beasts & Bugs wall display in KH3?

The display is in the Toy Box, the Toy Story world. The closest fast travel point is the third one, Rest Area, which is on the second floor of the Galaxy Toys shopping center. Once you’re there, head into the Action store, the one on the north side. When you enter, keep to the right. As you reach the northeastern corner of the store, you’ll see a giant orange robot busting through a wall, the words “Big Beasts & Bugs” beneath him.

That’s what you need to photograph. Climb onto the pile of boxes in front of it, and make sure to zoom out enough, so that your shot includes both the robot and the words. The picture may not register if there’s an enemy blocking the shot, so it might take a couple of tries. You’ll know all is well when the red pop-up message informs you you’ve completed a photo mission.

The synthesis recipe you’ll unlock is for the Soldier’s Earring, an accessory that gives you +5 strength, +1 magic, +6 AP and unlocks the Defender skill. If you want to craft it, you’ll need two mythril stones, three pulsing stones and six pulsing shards.