Kingdom Hearts 3 Golden Herc Figure Locations - Hercules Collectible

Golden Herc figures are a kind of collectible in Kingdom Hearts 3. They’re tiny little Hercules dolls, made of solid gold. You can only find them in Olympus. Once you’ve got five, you can go to the square in Thebes and trade them for a nice piece of equipment. If you’re having trouble finding them all, our Kingdom Hearts 3 Golden Herc Figure locations guide will help you.

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Where to find gold Hercules toys in KH3?

To get the first golden hercule statue, you should go to the first fast travel point in Thebes. Find the big fountain in the north of the square, and go through the building behind it. Follow the path until you reach a temple under renovation on the left. Go inside and look by the pile of boxes in the far left corner.

The next figure is near the second fast travel point. Take the stairs down on the right, and follow the path until you end up on a scaffold. Slide down the roof and jump onto the shield of the giant statue. You’ll find the herc toy on the shield, next to some rubble on the right.

There’s another one near the same spawn point. It’s actually right beside it, on one of the benches overlooking the city.

For the next two, you’ll have to go to the third fast travel point, the one near the gazebo. Go down the stairs and you’ll find a crater in the garden. Look inside to find your golden herc figure.

The final one is in the other direction. Go up the stairs, and when you reach the ramp that goes over the wall, look to the right. You should see a guy standing there, and an opening in the wall that lets you enter a building under renovation. Once inside, turn left and you’ll see the statue in the corner.



  1. L
    Laura Rosario

    I have been finding the Hercules toys but how do I collect them? Anytime I approach them, I just kick them and can’t pick them up

    1. K

      You can only interact with the gold ones.

    2. L

      It is only the gold ones

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