Kingdom Hearts 3 Monstropolis Lucky Emblem Locations

Monstropolis lucky emblems are collectibles you can find in Kingdom Hearts 3. These hidden Mickeys are scattered around the Monsters Inc factory, offices and door vault, and most of them are well hidden. If you don’t have the patience to find all eleven Mickey heads by yourself, keep reading our Kingdom Hearts 3 Monstropolis Lucky Emblem locations guide.

kingdom hearts 3 monstropolis lucky emblem locations
Monstropolis Lucky Emblem Locations

Monsters Inc Lucky Emblem Locations

The first one is in the large office space with the door portals. Once you enter, go past the trolley and stop at the seventh desk. Look at the paper on the corkboard, and you’ll see a green drawing of a Mickey head. The second one is in the same room. Go back to the entrance and look at the clown statue. Hit it several times and it will move, revealing an emblem on the floor.

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The next lucky mark can be obtained after the second fast travel point. While you’re riding the rails, you’ll end up on a platform high above the floor. After the fight is over, go into the tunnel and you’ll find it on the big metal door. The fourth emblem requires you to go to the third fast travel point. There’s a white door near it – go through it and into the door vault. Follow the corridor, then turn left when you reach the doors. Use the second one from the left, the brown one. You’ll end up on a platform; if you look into the distance, above the banana crown, you’ll see yellow doors forming a Mickey shape.

Then you have to go to the fourth fast travel point, the one in front of the elevator. Follow the corridor past the paint vats and into the big white room. The emblem will be on the wall at the beginning of the next corridor. There’s also one by the paint vats at the elevator, a purple stain on the floor.

Go back to the elevator and ride it up one floor. Follow the corridor until you reach an orange staircase. Go to the end of the hall and turn left into the room with the conveyor belt, and you’ll see it on the wall. The next one is right next to the fifth fast travel point. You’ll find it on the side of the cabinet next to the console on your right.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle Lucky Emblem Locations

This one’s a bit tricky: you have to spawn at the sixth fast travel point, then use the hook to get out through the roof. Use your powers to get to the top of the tower, then make a left.Go across the wide field with the pipes and follow the path until it’s time to enter another building. You should see the emblem above the door. If you go back to the sixth fast travel point, you can get another one by climbing up the stack of blue containers, then jumping onto the orange platform. Turn around, and you’ll see pipe endings forming a lucky emblem.

You will find the final lucky mark by going to the last fast travel point, then heading outside using the tunnel. Once you’re out, climb the stairs and look down. You’ll see an oil stain in the shape of Mickey’s head.

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