Kingdom Hearts 3 Gummi Ship Customization, Materials & Blueprints

Gummi Ship is your spaceship in Kingdom Hearts 3. It’s the vessel you’ll use to travel between the worlds, but this time it also have other uses. For the first time, you will be allowed to explore the space between worlds, fight enemies and collect treasures with it. You can also customize it, get special blueprints and install different parts. If you’re wondering how that works, keep reading our Kingdom Hearts 3 Gummi Ship customization, blueprints & parts guide.

kingdom hearts 3 gummi ship customization blueprints parts
Kingdom Hearts 3 Gummi Ship Customization, Blueprints & Parts

How to customize Gummi Ship in KH3?

Once you’re looking at the world map, press Options to open up the ship editor. Now you have two choices – you can either build a ship from scratch and implement your own original design, or you can rely on blueprints to make a specific ship. If you decide to make your own, you’ll be able to finely tune the stats, but the cost will depend on what you want to make. It can quickly spiral out of control and end up costing too much. Apart from munny, you’ll also have to spend Gummi materials, unless you’re using special blueprints.

Where to find Gummi Ship blueprints in KH3?

There are two ways to obtain blueprints for the Gummi ship. You can buy regular blueprints from the Moogle shop. They’re pretty good, but can be somewhat expensive to implement. Thankfully, there are way cheaper blueprints out there – ones that don’t even require Gummi materials. The only way to obtain them is to fly your ship through space and look for constellations. Every time you find one and take a picture of it, you’ll get the appropriate ship schematic.

How to get Gummi materials in KH3?

Gummi materials are very important for ship customization. They’re required for almost all kinds of customization, and they’ll affect the ship’s stats. The most common way of obtaining them is fighting enemies in space. They often drop these crafting ingredients, so it’s worth getting into scuffles often. You should also keep your eyes out for Treasure Spheres. These glowing orbs will present you with challenging mini-games which reward you with Gummi materials upon completion.

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  1. J

    1: Do the purple crystals spawn randomly, or do they have fixed locations?
    2: If their spawns are unique, where are the locations they spawn?
    3: Do the purple crystals respawn?

    1. J

      Joe, the purples dont respawns. They do have fixed locations. You can find them via the minimap. They’re little blue diamonds on the map. These can be both blue or purple. The purples just give a special gummi ship.

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    can pls help me i can´t find 2nonius gumi to build endymion i ve got every fight on A rank all pictures and alls spheres but i need 2 nonius gumi more

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