Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle Flantastic Seven Location & Tips

Flantastic Seven in Arendelle in Kingdom Hearts 3 is a hidden puddingy creature that you have to find. Once you do find the Flantastic Seven location in Arendelle, interact with it. It’ll give you a little minigame to play. Completing it gets you some unique rewards, like all other Flantastic Seven games in Kindom Hearts 3. That being the case, our Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle Flantastic Seven Location & Tips guide aims to show you where to find the pudding minigame in the world of Frozen, and some pointers that will helpfully help you beat it.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle Flantastic Seven Location & Tips
Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle Flantastic Seven Location & Tips

Where to Find Flantastic Seven Pudding Game in Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle?

To find the Flantastic Seven minigame in Arendelle in Kingdom Hearts 3, you’ll have to take a leap of faith. Before that, though, head to the bridge that leads to Elsa’s castle of ice. You can get there quickly by warping to the fifth fast travel point in Arendelle. You’ll spot the Moogle Shop on the left of the bridge. Approach the ledge that’s just to the left of the Moogle. Now, you’ll have to trust us on this one: Throw yourself off the cliff. As you’re falling, you’ll notice a clearing surrounded on one side by pine trees. The Flantastic Seven is in the middle of the clearing. It’s a crown with a blackberry on the top.

Now, the aim of the Arendelle Flanastic Seven minigame is to kill as many little flans as you can in the alotted time. So, there’s not much we can provide in terms of strategy. Basically, what you need to do is use as many super attacks as you can, and make liberal use of combos, Links, Attractions; whatever you need to bring those puddingy things fast. You can try to focus on the clusters of enemies to eliminate them in groups, and then clear out the stragglers. Either way you approach the fight, you can just retry until you get it right. In case you can’t figure out how to exit this place, check out our Arendelle Flantastic Seven – How to Leave Area guide.

Now, these Flantastic Seven mini-games can be found on seven major worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3. Completing them gives you valuable cooking ingredients, for one. Plus, if you achieve a high enough score, you can also get extra abilities. Oh, and getting high scores on all of them gets you Orichalcum; the rarest material in the game. If you need help finding all seven of them, check out our Kingdom Hearts 3 Flantastic Seven Locations & Rewards guide.

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