Kingdom Hearts 3 How to Rescue Go Go from Darkube Ball

Rescuing Go Go of Big Hero 6 is a part of the main campaign mission in Kingdom Hearts 3 San Fransokyo. In fact, you’ll have to rescue several members of the Big Hero 6 during that mission. However, getting Go Go, the girl in the yellow armor with super speed, out of the sphere of Darkubes is the trickiest one of all. None of your attacks will do anything; you’ll have to get creative with your approach. That being the case, here’s our Kingdom Hearts 3 How to Rescue Go Go from Darkube Ball to explain exactly how to get Go Go out of that sphere of Darkubes.

Kingdom Hearts 3 How to Rescue Go Go from Darkube Ball
Kingdom Hearts 3 How to Rescue Go Go from Darkube Ball

How to Rescue Go Go from Darkube Sphere in Kingdom Hearts 3 San Fransokyo?

To rescue Go Go, the member of Big Hero 6 in the yellow costume, you’ll have to find a big red ball, jump on top, and ride said red ball into the sphere of Darkubes. Yes, you have to think outside the box; your regular attacks aren’t going to cut it. In fact, I’d argue that rescuing Go Go should be the first member you rescue when the mission begins. So let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

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When the mission begins, Hiro will tell you that you have to rescue all the members of Big Hero 6 from the Darkubes. As soon as you get control, run forward and climb the short building with the green neon sign. Run across the roof and jump and dash onto the monorail. Ride it to the left, through the tunnel. As soon as you exit the tunnel, hop off the monorail to the right side, and onto the small plaza below.

Cross the plaza to the south, and you’ll notice the top of the giant red ball in front of you. Jump on top and move around; you’ll figure out what’s going on fast. So, now the only thing left to do is drive said ball right into the sphere of Darkubes that have Go Go imprisoned. The Darkube sphere kinda zigzags around the map, so you might have to go hunting for it. The aim is to cut it off and ram into it. The Darkube sphere will start to glow, and Go Go will be free in a matter of seconds.

That’s all there is to saving Go Go from the Darkube Ball in San Fransokyo in Kingdom Hearts 3. The rest of the Big Hero 6 members are much easier to rescue. If you need help with something else in the area, check out some of our other Kingdom Hearts 3 guides, such as San Fransokyo Lucky Emblem Locations and Flantastic Seven Locations & Rewards, for example.

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