KH3 Kid Korral Location - Where to Find Entrance in Toy Box

Kid Korral in Kingdom Hearts 3 is an area in the Galaxy Toys store in the Toy Box world. Getting into KH3 Kid Korral is necessary to complete the main campaign of the game. However, the game won’t tell you where you’re supposed to go. It mentions Babies and Toddlers: Outdoors, sure. The only trouble is, there’s no area with that name to be found, it seems. With that in mind, here’s our KH3 Kid Korral Location – Where to Find Entrance guide to explain exactly how to get into Kid Korral in Kingdom Hearts 3.

KH3 Kid Korral Location - Where to Find Entrance in Toy Box
KH3 Kid Korral Location – Where to Find Entrance in Toy Box

Where to Find Kid Korral Entrance Location in Kingdom Hearts 3 Toy Box – Babies & Toddlers Outdoors?

To find the Kid Korral entrance in Toy Box in Kingdom Hearts 3, you first step is to go to the top floor of the Galaxy Toys shop. Go to the lower left corner of the map. The area you’re looking for is Play Place; the one that looks like a little town made for kids. It’s full of toy cars, cardboard trees, and plastic house fronts. Go to the back of the area, where all the bar stools are. It’s the red wall with huge windows. Ignore the enemies if you want; they shouldn’t be too much of a threat if you just breeze past. Or, you know, just slaughter them all.

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Anyways, as you approach the red wall with the big windows, you’ll notice that you can run up the red wall with the large windows. So, do just that. Run up on the counter and collect the ingredients from the takeout box. Then sprint to the top of the wall. You’ll find a small, open, pink-and-orange door there. The first time you approach the Play Place, the game will point the window out for you, by the way. Go through it and drop down on the other side. You are now in Kid Korral, free to explore and continue with the quest.

So, that’s how you find your way into Kid Korral in the Toy Box world of Kingdom Hearts 3. In case you’re having trouble with something else in this world of the game, you might want to look at some of our other guides, such as Toy Box Lucky Emblem Locations and Flantastic Seven Locations & Rewards.

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