Kingdom Hearts 3 Water Core & Flame Core Photo Mission

The Water Core Photo Mission and Flame Core Photo Mission in Kingdom Hearts 3 are side quests you can do in the game. They require you to take photos of the two monsters for the Moogle in the Moogle Shop. So, there are two questions that might bother you here. The first one is: where can I find Water Cores and Flame Cores. The other is how to take a photo of the Water and Flame Core in KH3. So, with that in mind, here’s our Kingdom Hearts 3 Water Core & Flame Core Photo Mission guide to help you. We will show you exactly how to complete both Moogle photo missions, as well as where to find the Water Core and Flame Core enemies.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Water Core & Flame Core Photo Mission
Kingdom Hearts 3 Water Core & Flame Core Photo Mission

Kingdom Hearts 3 Photo Mission Water Core – How to Complete & Where to Find?

To complete the Water Core Photo Mission in Kingdom Hearts 3, you’ll have to find a Water Core. These creatures look like black-and-blue octopuses with thin, black claw hands (pictured below). So, where to find Water Cores in Kingdom Hearts 3? Well, the earliest you’ll run into them is near the entrance of The Olympus area in The Olympus world. You’ll meet them in two instances. The first one is at the foot of a temple built into the cliffside, and the second is a little later on, next to a waterfall that thins out when you kill the Water Cores. The only catch is that, once you kill them, they don’t come back.

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If you’ve missed your chance on Olympus, worry not; there are other places in the game that Water Cores appear at. One such place is Monstropolis; in fact, this is where we took the photo. Go to the fourth fast travel point in Monstropolis; the Ground Floor of The Factory area. Take the yellow elevator up and follow the corridor left, then left again. You’ll enter a blue room with yellow pipes. This is where a bunch of Water Cores will spawn. To complete the Water Core photo mission, keep your hand steady, make sure the shot is centered properly on the monster, and that the Water Core takes up most of the shot. Check out the image below for reference.

If Monstropolis isn’t your cup of tea, there’s also a chance that you can run into Water Core enemies in the Kingdom of Corona, and later still, in The Caribbean. Whichever place you take a picture at, it counts. After you take the photo, find a Moogle Shop to reap your reward, an Umbrella Rosette.

Flame Core Moogle Photo Mission in Kingdom Hearts 3 – How to Do?

To complete the Flame Core Moogle Photo Mission, the easiest place to go is in the world of Hercules, Olympus. Go to the second save point, called Thebes Overlook. Then, go down the stairs to the area below. This area is actually an arena full of Flame Cores that will spawn as you approach. Like with the Water Cores, make sure to center the shot on the monster as much as possible, and that the Flame Core takes up a good chunk of the shot (see image below). When you complete the photo, go to the Moogle Shop for your reward, a Firefighter Rosette.

That should about do it for the Water Core and Flame Core Photo Missions in Kingdom Hearts 3. We’ve got a bunch of other Kingdom Hearts 3 guides for you, in case you need them. For example, there’s Festival Picture Photo Mission – How to Complete, Red Box in Olympus – How to Open, Dark Inferno Secret Boss Location & Rewards, and many others for you to check out.

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