Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblem Kingdom of Corona Locations

Kingdom of Corona lucky emblems are collectibles in Kingdom Hearts 3. They’re hidden Mickey heads you can find in the forest and kingdom from Tangled. There’s nine of them, and most are really well hidden or composed of several elements, visible only from certain angles. If you’re having trouble finding any of them, our Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblem Kingdom of Corona locations guide will show you where each one is.

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kingdom hearts 3 corona lucky emblem locations guide
Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblem Kingdom of Corona Locations

Forest Hidden Mickey Locations

The first lucky mark is near the tower. Climb up to the top and look towards the waterfall. You’ll see three stones to the left of it, forming Mickey’s head. The second one is in the marsh. Go into the swamp and hug the right wall. Keep following it until you see a big rock and a stream forming a pond on the right. Step into the pond and turn around, and you’ll see it on the cliff side.

For the next one, you should spawn at the Windflower Clearing. Go towards the canyon, in the opposite direction of the field of flowers. When you reach the big cliff, enter the cave through the mouth on the right. Once you’re in the main chamber, drop down and look to the left – you’ll see the emblem on the big barrel. For the fourth one, you should spawn at the kingdom, turn around and cross the bridge into the forest. Once you’re off, turn around and look at the fence on the right.

Kingdom Lucky Emblem Locations

The first of the Kingdom emblems is at the arc before the square. Go straight towards the square from the entrance, and you’ll see it on the left side of the stone arc. For the next one, you’ll have to cross the square and head left. Turn right immediately as you leave, and you should see it on the big wooden gate.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Monstropolis Lucky Emblem Locations

The next one can be found at the waterfront. Go left after you teleport to the kingdom, down the stairs. Once you reach the pier, you’ll see a small, stocky tower. Approach it and go to the other side. The emblem will be by the door. There’s also one by the stairs leading to the pier from the spawn point. It’s made up of three barrels.

The last one is hidden at the lighthouse. In order to reach it, you’ll have to go to the pier, and follow it all the way to the end. Climb up the tower, and you’ll find the Mickey head in the ashes in the brazier.


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