Stan Lee in Peril Locations in Lego Marvel's Avengers Hubs

Stan Lee in Peril is a kind of collectible in Lego Marvel’s Avengers. These can be found all over the game world and in this guide we will talk about their locations in various Hubs you’ll get access to in the game.
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Saving Stan Lee from all of his perils will unlock him as a playable character (and he has almost all possible skills a character can have in the game) and get you closer to 100% game completion. Each Hub in the game contains one Stan Lee in Peril and we’ll provide you with detailed information on his whereabouts, which powers you need to use to free him and which characters wield those powers.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Base

stan lee in peril shield base locationIn this hub, Stan is trapped in the elevator the agents used when you visited this place as part of a story mission. You need to find the elevator and hack the terminal next to it. This will open the door and let Stan out. You’ll need a character who can access Shield Terminals, like Nick Fury or Black Widow.

South Africa

There’s a shipping container in the eastern part of the map. Stan is inside. To get him out, you will need a character with the Dig ability (Iron Man (MK25), Squirrel Girl, Hellcat or Reptil have this ability and are all obtained through missions in Manhattan). Dig through the pile next to the container to unearth parts you’ll use to build a switch with. Using the switch shuts off the electrical field and lets Stan out.

Barton’s Farm

barton's farm stan lee location lego avengersStan is surrounded by chickens in the playground at Barton’s Farm. You need a character with the Mind Control ability to free him. Loki has this ability when holding his staff, and you get him while doing story missions (or even earlier if you invest some caps). Mind control the chickens and send them into the chicken coop to get Stan out of the horrible peril he was in.


sokovia stan lee in perilGo north of the town square, as far as the streets will take you. When you’re at the end, you’ll see some ruins on fire, between two houses. You’ll need Captain America and Thor for this assignment, specifically. Approach the green door, and you’ll see Stan trapped under a concrete slab. Let Cpt America plant a shield base down, then use Thor to initiate their combo move, which will create a shockwave and free Stan.

Washington DC

lego avengers washington dc hub stan leeWhen you get to the DC hub, go to the pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial. You’ll see three wooden boxes on rafts in it. Destroy all three of them – Stan is in the farthest one, but you need to wreck them all so he can jump on the rafts and get to dry land. Use a character that can deal with silver Lego, like Hawkeye.


Stan is in the pool behind the house. In order to help him out, you’ll need a character that can Dig, like Squirrel Girl. Dig through the mound next to the pool, then destroy the object you dig up. Use the parts to build a switch. When you pull it, a platform will rise from the water and Stan will be free.


When you’re crossing the Rainbow Bridge, go as far left as you can. You’ll reach a gated room with two statues by the door. Dig through the dirt pile next to it (Squirrel Girl can do this) and you’ll get a black Lego block. Ultron Ultimate is probably the cheapest character that can manipulate these, and you can unlock him after playing the Ultron Undone mission. Destroy the black Lego and use the parts to build a switch. Pulling it will lower the gate.

Once inside, you’ll need a character with a shield (like Captain America) to put out the fire. When the fire is out, Stan and the others will be able to leave.