The Witness Pink Trees Puzzle Solutions

Once you complete Black and White Dot type of puzzles on blue and green panels, go straight ahead and you’ll come across an orchard of pink trees. This area introduces a new type of puzzles, which are based on finding position of the red apple in the tree (or position of tree branches).
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In order to solve these puzzles, you need to find the right angle to look at things.

If you make a wrong choice while solving a puzzle, the panel will turn off. In that case, you’ll have to go back to the previous panel and solve that puzzle again. Check our guide for all puzzle solutions in the Witness if you need a hint for solving puzzles in other areas.

On the map below, you can see the location of the Pink Trees area: the witness pink trees puzzle solutions guide The greatest reward for a person playing The Witness is solving the puzzles. Using a guide to solve them should be your last resort, when you are at your wits’ end. We’ve found ourselves in that position many times while playing this game, and that is why we provide these guides. Proceed with caution because there are spoilers ahead.

Pink Trees Orchard Puzzles

When you reach the last puzzle, you’ll notice that there is no apple in the tree. If you look closer, you’ll see the discrepancy between the panel and the tree. The puzzle shows 3 broken branches, while there are 4 on the tree. Also, if you look around, you’ll find a broken branch with an eaten apple. puzzle 5
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