Lego Marvel's Avengers Team-Up Combo Video Released

In a new post on the Playstation Blog, one of the developers of Lego Marvel’s Avengers explained the Avenger Team-up combo mechanic. They also published a video of it in action, so you can see how it works in practice.

You can see Hawkeye and Thor in the video, performing their special attack. Thor flies into the air, Hawkeye shoots a volley of arrows towards him. Thor then uses his hammer to disperse the arrows and make it rain projectiles on all enemies in a certain radius. It will certainly be valuable when facing groups of enemies.

Here’s what Arthur Parsons, game director at TT Games, had to say:
When you think of the Avengers, you think of teamwork, pulling together against adversity as a team. So, now you can team-up characters to perform incredible combo moves to take down the bad guys.

Teaming up core Avengers results in unique moves based on the pairing so we hope you enjoy trying out all of the various combinations to see which is your favorite.
It’s safe to assume that each pair from the 250+ character roster will have unique team-up moves, but the main ones certainly will.

Lego Marvel’s Avengers is expected to launch on January 26th, on PC, Playstation 3, 4 and Vita, Xbox 360 and One, as well as Wii U and 3DS.

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