Where to Buy Red Brick Cheats | Lego Marvel's Avengers

Red Brick Cheats are bonuses that make playing Lego Marvel’s Avengers easier. To unlock them, you’ll have to get each of the Red Bricks.
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After you’ve unlocked them, you’ll also have to buy them before you can activate them. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to buy Red Brick cheats in Lego Avengers.

How to get to Helicarrier

lego avengers where to buy red brick cheatsFirst off, you’ll need to get aboard the SHIELD Helicarrier. It’s a sort of hub, but you can’t access it from space, like with other hubs. You need to go to Manhattan and look for a red SHIELD platform. It’s exactly the same like the ones where you change characters and spawn vehicles, only it’s red. There’s one in Central Park, by the pond, but there’s many more of them around the city.

Where to find Collector’s Room

Once you’re on the Helicarrier, you’ll need to get to the Collector’s Room. First you need to ride the elevator down to the bridge. Then go to the room on your left, up the stairs. Follow the corridor and take the first turn right. Go through the portal on the wall. There are 3 terminals in his room, and the middle one is used for buying cheats.

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