Lego Avengers Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes in Lego Marvel’s Avengers are numbers which you can use to unlock new characters. To enter a cheat code, load your game and activate the options menu (press Enter by default on PC). Choose the Extras option, and you will now have a list of red brick cheats that you unlocked and, on the top of the list, the Enter Code option. Choose this and enter one of the codes below to unlock characters.

You can now pick these characters when you go to Free Play mode or, while in Manhattan, find a red S.H.I.E.L.D. console (there is one in Central Park, next to the lake) and go to character select to pick your new characters.

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NameCheat Code
Amadeus Cho3ZDB2W
Butter BallMJNFAJ
Count NefariaZNCK2S
Iron Man (MK33 – Silver Centurion)4AKZ4G
Quinjet (Mini)9KFJ7A

Cheat Codes in Lego Marvel’s Avengers can also be obtained as rewards for helping The Collector in the Free Play mode. Each time you complete a quest and bring the proper item to The Collector, you’ll be rewarded with a Red Brick. Each Red Brick unlocks a new cheat that you have to purchase in The Collector’s Room, in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and activate. If you’re having trouble finding the place, take a look at our Where to Buy Red Brick Cheats guide.

UPDATE: Two of the Red Brick cheats can be unlocked with cheat codes. You do not have to pay studs to activate them, just enter the cheat codes in the Extras screen (like you would unlock a character with a code).

NameCheat Code
Minikit Detector (Red Brick 11)JYJAFX
Fast Build (Red Brick 14)5MZ73E

Attract StudsCharacters collect studs from farther away than normalAvailable immediately100,000
Studs x2Doubles the number of studs the player collectsLevel 1 – Struck Off the List (Part A)1,000,000
Lego Marvels Avengers Cheat CodesYou quest is to obtain Baron Strucker’s monocle. Monocle can be found on the lower level, in the room behind the locked door. The door opens once you enter the code 287. You can complete this task as the Vision character.
Studs x4Multiplies the number of studs the player collects by 4Level 2 – A Loki Entrance2,000,000
Lego Marvels Avengers Studs x4The Collector will ask you to locate a rare miniature rocket. All you have to do is to use Mind Control on the worker in a small room at the end of the catwalk. Use the Vision character.
Studs x6Multiplies the number of studs the player collects by 6Level 3 – Rail HYDRA4,000,000
red brick location rail hydra lego avengersAfter you clear out the ring in Red Skull’s base, talk to the Collector standing next to it. Then go back in, press the buttons on the wall and mind-control the enemy behind the glass to pull the switch. Go back out and destroy the black Lego. Give the item that falls out to the Collector. Use Ultron Ultimate and Scarlet Witch for this.
Studs x8Multiplies the number of studs the player collects by 8Level 4 – Shakespeare in the Park6,000,000
studs x8 red brick location lego avengersThe Collector is located in section B (Loki boss fight). He asks you to find a “hot dawg” stand and get him one dawg. Look for the guy near the water fountain. Use Vision, Scarlet Witch, or another character with Mind Control for this.
Studs x10Multiplies the number of studs the player collects by 10Level 5 – Helicarrier Havoc8,000,000
red brick studs x10 collector locationYou’ll find The Collector in part C, right where you start. He wants you to find a Captain America collectible card. Destroy the structure next to him and build a drone. Pilot the drone into the pipe above to get the card. Use Ultimate Ultron or someone who can manipulate black Lego for this.
DisguisesPlaces characters in Stan Lee’s glasses, nose, and mustacheAvailable immediately200,000
Fast FixRepairs are completed fasterLevel 6 – Avengers Assemble600,000
fast fix red brick lego avengersThe Collector is in part B, the section of the level where you have to rescue five civilians. He’s up on the balcony above where you start. The collector asks for a wig that you need a hero with Telekinesis to acquire. Go all the way to the right and use Telekinesis to move the debris from the window, then go grab the wig.
We would like to thank Charles for additional information.
Unlimited Avengers Team-up MovesSpecial moves bar is always filledLevel 7 – Earth’s Mightiest500,000
character detector red brick lego avengersThe Collector can be found in part C, on the left stairs outside the bedroom in Stark Tower. You need to bring him J.A.R.V.I.S’ drive, which is behind the black Lego wall in the Tony Stark’s room. You’ll have to use a character that can destroy black Lego, like Ultron Ultimate.
Character Token DetectorColored arrows on the HUD mark directions of character tokens on your radarLevel 8 – Lack of Insight500,000
golden brick detector lego avengers cheatYou’ll find the collector in part A. Go towards the back of the ship. After you pass the cargo hold, you’ll ride an elevator. He will be up top, right next to the elevator shaft. You’ll need to bring him Zola’s glasses. Go to the right and climb up to the terrace. Use the terminal with a Shield operative, then again with a Hydra character. This will make a laser cut a hole in the wall where the glasses are.
Gold Brick DetectorColored arrows on the HUD mark where Gold Bricks are located in levelsLevel 9 – Ready A.I.M. Fire1,000,000
golden brick detector cheat lego avengersChoose part C when starting the level. You’ll find the Collector under the Roxxon sign, after you ride the large elevator with the wheels. He wants a piece of Iron Man’s armor. Fly up to the terrace above him, use a stealthy hero (Black Widow, Nick Fury) to enter the cage, blow up the silver case (Hawkeye), assemble the switch and pull it to open the door. Go through it, cut the gold obstacle (Iron Man), extinguish the fire (Cpt America) and take the suit.
Minikit DetectorColored arrows on the HUD mark directions of Minikits on your radarLevel 10 – Lost in the Aether500,000
red brick minikit detector lego avengersThe Collector is in part C, to the back from where you start. He’s looking for a cup. Go right a few steps, and you’ll see wrecked car. Use Telekinesis to open the trunk (Scarlet Witch can do this), and you’ll find the item inside.
Stan Lee In Peril DetectorColored arrows on the HUD mark directions of Stan Lee on your radarLevel 11 – No Strings On Me250,000
red brick stan lee detector legoWhen starting Free Play, choose part B. The Collector is on the walkway above the bar, and he’s looking for the record that’s currently playing. You’ll need a hero that can destroy black Lego, like Ultimate Ultron, to destroy the turntables and take the record.
Quest DetectorColored arrows on the HUD mark directions of quest locations on your radarLevel 12 – Anger Management300,000
lego avengers quest detector red brickStart the mission at part A. When the level starts, turn around and go left. The Collector is on the walkway, and he wants a sample of Vibranium. Cross the bridge and destroy the silver wall to get one. You best use Hawkeye – he’s can blow up silver Lego and is available from the start.
Fast buildCharacters build objects fasterLevel 13 – Korea Prospects1,000,000
fast build cheat red brick lego avengersStart the mission from part C. The collector will be right behind you, and will ask you to get him a smelly fish. Go to the burger stand on the right and scan it. Either jump on it or destroy it. Use a character that can Dig (like Squirrel Girl) on the dirt pile in front of it to dig up the fish.
Fast digCharacters dig fasterLevel 14 – Rise of Ultron500,000
lego avengers fast dig red brickThe collector is in part C, right next to where you start. He’s looking for a Sokovian flag. Scan the van next to him, then use a super strong character (Hulk, Ultimate Ultron) to pull the door off. Use the pieces to build a speed ramp, then send Quicksilver or another super fast hero on it. It’ll launch him to the flag.
Collect Ghost StudsCharacters can collect ghost studs that mark your way to the objectiveLevel 15 – Ultron Undone250,000
collect ghost studs red brick lego marvel avengersStart off Ultron Undone at part C. When you’re in the third area of the map, use a hero that can dig to go through a tunnel to the Collector. He wants a skull. Use a shield to extinguish the fire next to him, then assemble a crowbar from the parts. Use Telekinesis on the crowbar to open the nearby sarcophagus. Assemble the skeleton and fight him, then take his skull.
Target 2nd PlayerYou can target the character controlled by the 2nd playerAvailable immediately1,000,000

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  1. A

    I have found a few bricks and go back to the helicarrier but the collectors room isn’t there. How do I get it?

    1. B

      You need to go down. There should be like a circle platform with a switch. Then you go to a room with a portal that will take you to the Collectors Room

      1. C

        He’s right. It’s the first room on the right. And the other one is the detention cell where Loki killed agent Coulson in the first movie.

    2. P

      so if you go to deadpools room there will be a portal so you go through that and you will be in the red brick room

      1. T

        yes there will be

      2. P

        Deadpool doesnt exist in this game the portal is where his room should be

    3. D

      walk treu the portal

    4. Go into the Tri-carrier. Then go to the upper level inside on the left side.Go to the door where there is light and then touch the big blue thing and BAM your on his ship.

      1. C

        It’s still the Helicarier

    5. T
      taytay verm

      wow every one of these worked

    6. W

      I dont know

    7. T
      The diamond minecart


    8. G

      You need to go to one of the rooms on the right that have a science thing then go into it

    9. S

      That is cool. And u have to go to the first door on the right then go in portal. The second computer the the brick giver thingy

  2. J

    Amazing guide
    How do I get to the helicarrier ?

    1. D

      when you in Space, go to Manhattan area. fly to Helicarrier or use teleports

    2. P

      How do you not know how to get to the helicarrier?

  3. J

    You go to Manhattan where you either fly up or go to a switch and teleport there

    1. E
      Ethan James D

      Cool im weird

  4. J
    julian nishchuk

    i have beat the game on my 2th day but the colecter is not that good but fin fang foom is awesome

    1. M
      martin r

      foom is cool but, can you tell me how to get minikit in part c c korea prospects where the three things are on the ground

    2. L
      Lawrence Greene


  5. S

    how to dig = =

    1. D

      go to Farm and look for squirrel girl. take quest, collect 5 squirrel around farm and you get squirrel girl for reward. this character can dig….

      1. K

        Or go to the shield base help out the damage control guy and you get him. He can dig with his broom.

    2. D

      fck squirtgirl reptil

      1. L

        Squirlgirl from the farm is the unstoppable one that has a giant robot

    3. N

      Use a.character like Bengal or tigra

  6. Y


  7. S

    whenever i try to get the second red brick the white thing that allows me to flip the lever isnt there. please help

    1. D

      did you talk with Collector first?

  8. R

    I have a glitch when I try to go to the Asgard hub. There is the vortex free fall then I get a white screen with audio but no visuals.

    1. R

      That’s all I get too. I can access anywhere else except Asgard.

      1. J

        you have to down all effects and textures to low quality and down the brightness to 25. then you can enter to asgard and when you are there you can restore the settings

        1. R

          Effects and textures?

          I’ve tried putting the sfx volume on zero, turning music/hints/subtitles/motion blur off, minimised the safe zone AND made the brightness zero.

          Still just getting a white screen at the end of the portal.

      2. J

        sorry you have down the brightness to 100 , no to 25

        1. J


        2. A

          i have the same issue with ron,i made the changes you make and i keep getting a white screen!

      3. J
        James Moore

        Hey did u get to the money brick that every coin is 1,000 in cheat codes

        It let me get Asgard

    2. C

      You go to OPTIONS
      go to VIDEO SETTINGS and Change SCREEN RESOLUTION TO 800×600;TEXTURE QUALITY to LOW; BRIGHTNESS to 25 and anything else to OFF (REFRESH RATE-59Hz AND ASPECT RATIO-16:9 WAS UNCHANGED). Just for good measure I turned everything in the EFFECT SETTINGS (under options) wither to the OFF or LOW settings.
      I hit accept and tried to go the Asgard and IT WORKED!!!

  9. L

    Where did you get mark 16??

    1. D

      i not sure, but maybe in Malibu zone. there is few Iron Man models

    2. S

      i have the same queation just mark 42 not 16

      1. D

        found mark 16… is hidden in Manhattan area… need Ultron to break floor

      2. I

        You found how to get mark 42 yet? Not sure i can take listening to my sons frustration anymore. He’s desperate to get mark 42.

    3. J

      It is in one of the levels

  10. S
    Sarah jones

    How do you open the mini map in the open world’s?

  11. K

    Has anyone found a 1,000,000 bonus stud level yet I don’t think here one…

  12. G

    guys help me I can not figure out how to change character ( I am on xbox one )

    1. S

      hold Y

    2. H

      if you have completed all the levels hold Y to do it… if you haven’t completed all the levels then you have to go to one of those pads that lets you get vehicles and stuff and select the picture of people change character then after that you should be able to do it by holding Y until you do a level or restart the game

  13. J

    Where to build gold bricks

  14. C

    Anyone know how to get the radar/map up on the Ps4, I wanna look at the map like you could on marvel Lego game.

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      You should be able to see the map button in the controls, however, I believe that you can use the map only while you’re in Manhattan.

    2. P

      There are no Lego bricks to build but here is still 100% stud fountain in the avengers tower

  15. J

    does any one know where I can find vision

    1. S

      you have to complete the game

    2. K

      You have to finish the story in order to unlock him, and you don’t have to buy him oonce you’ve done that.

    3. U get vision in last lvl automatically

  16. P

    Are there any more ideas on the Asgard white screen issue? We are having the same problem. We go through the vortex and then hit a white screen with all sound. Thanks.

  17. C

    why when i go to asgard it stuck on a white screen im sing ps3 pls help 🙁

  18. J
    Joy Ramsey

    Anyone having problems with the last auto save on last level gliching after the story credits role? My game goes to a white screen and locks up the game. Very pissed

    1. D

      i have problems that on XBOX 360 and TU1. deleted TU1 loaded game and all fixed… loaded TU1 again and now is OK

  19. F

    why did you not do codes for red bricks

  20. A

    Any news on the Asgard white screen and how to fix it

  21. L

    What about 3ds codes? The console codes don’t work on it

  22. K

    There’s a glitch for this game that me and my brother found out.
    1. Make two custom characters with superspeed
    2. Switch between them back and forth in the character grid
    3. Each time you switch, the character gets faster
    4. Enjoy 🙂

  23. T
    The Rock Obama

    Does anyone know how to fix this. Every time I try to go to Asgard my game crashes

  24. M
    martin r

    does anyone know how to get minikit in part c of korea prospects where the three things are on the ground

  25. C

    Is the a 100,000,000 bonus level like on Marvel superheros??

  26. A

    hi want the code x10

  27. B

    Has anyone come across a fix for the Asgard white screen of death yet?

    1. B

      This is the response from WB Games Support I received regarding the Asgard white screen issue …

      “Unfortunately, the issue you are having has been identified as a known bug and has been reported to the games development team. It seems that the issue has been identified to a few people who are using a SCART connection. We suggest, if available, to switch to a HDMI connection for your PS3 while the developers are working on a fix. We understand that not everyone has access to HDMI connections but it is the only workaround available for the problem at this moment in time.”

      I replied and advised them that my PS3 was already connected via HDMI …

      “We are sorry to hear that the HDMI solution hasn’t worked for you. Unfortunately, the developers hasn’t provided us with an estimate of how long the patch will take to complete. However, I will keep you informed of any news we receive regarding the patch from the developers. We apologise for the inconvenience this causes.”

      1. B

        Good news folks. WB Games Support has advised the following:

        “We pleased to confirm that the update 1.02 for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers has been released, which includes a fix for the problem involving a white screen on Asgard.”

        It’s working fine for me now 🙂

        1. J

          Does it now work with only SCART connections too?

  28. J

    When i want The 4x multiplier it does not work i dong get to zee THE button to pull the leverj

  29. L


  30. We’re is squirrel girl on the farm

  31. J

    Is anybody else stuck at defeating Ultron? I’ve done everything with Thor and Vision but I can’t get Scarlett Witch in the fight

  32. V
    veluve 2.0

    fix completed on asgard u have be 100% so the screen will not turn white anymore however my brother and me tried good

    1. J
      just a boy 200

      it work thank u bro

  33. L

    Does anyone know how to unlock the civil war and ant man levels?

    1. D

      They are dlc. If you have the dlc then go to space and the levels can be selected

  34. D

    i love that game

  35. S

    Does anybody else know a amazing level to get mony because if not I can tell you one … Ultron Undone part a

  36. :

    Does anyone know an easy way of collecting money without the stud multipliers? I’m trying to get one but don’t have the money!!!

  37. K

    I downloaded a 100% complete save file. When I choose characters, they all have Stan Lee’s glasses, moustache and big nose. How do I remove it so that the characters look normal? Thanks

    1. K
      Karrie Daway

      Kris, if you haven’t yet found out, if I remember correctly, the way to turn off that option is in the Extras menu. Look for “Disguises”, and turn it off.
      Good Luck!

  38. A
    Austin Newton

    Is there any easy way to get dead pool

  39. M

    Hello there ..pls i want a money code …i really want it …..HELP ME!!!!!

  40. B

    For some reason I cant get the classic ant man his thing on the map is appering but his quest isn’t there

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