D'Qar Carbonite Locations | Lego SW Force Awakens

D’Qar Carbonite Locations are places you can find collectibles at in Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Each of them unlocks a new character once you find it, but they’re tricky to reach.
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Every one requires a certain set of skills, which may not be available to you. In this guide, we’re going to show you D’Qar carbonite locations in Lego SW Force Awakens, which heroes they unlock.

D’Qar Carbonite

You’ll have to take each one you find to the microwave in the Medical Ward for defrosting. You won’t be able to use the characters before you unfreeze them.

A-Wing Pilot Location

The first one you can get is the A-Wing Pilot. He’s in the barracks, the middle hangar on the south side. You’ll need two characters with grappling hooks. Approach the locker and grapple onto it with both. Pulling the ropes will cause it to break, spilling its contents. The slab of carbonite will be inside.

Admiral Ackbar in Carbonite

There’s a fuel tank by the eastern landing pad. You’ll need someone who can double jump, or use a jetpack. Jump on top of the tank, then use a character who doesn’t mind water to fish out the slab holding Admiral Ackbar. Don’t worry, it’s not a trap.

Princess Leia (Classic) D’Qar Location

You’ll find Princess Leia (in her classic outfit) trapped in the command building. You’ll need someone who’s knowledgeable around astromech to turn on the hologram. After that, a Force user will have to pull the carbonite from inside the hologram. Don’t ask how. The Force works in mysterious ways.

Gray Squadron Pilot Carbonite

The Gray Squadron Pilot is locked in a fridge. He can be found in the hub’s cantina, behind the thick glass of the refrigerator. Only a lightsaber can cut through the glass, but it’s cold inside, so you’ll need a frost-resistant character as well. If you’re playing on the Playstation, you could use General Grievous.

Zev Senseca D’Qar Carbonite

Go to the shooting range. Look for a siler Lego pile on the left, near the ammo racks and rockets. Use explosive to get through it and get Zev Senesca in solid form.

Rebel Fleet Trooper Location

The Rebel Fleet Trooper can also be found at the shooting range. Use the charge device to power up the range and bring up the target in the back. After you’ve shot it thrice, it will give you the collectible.