How to Customize Characters in Lego SW Force Awakens

Character Customization in Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens lets you change the appearance of your minifigures however you like. It can be done in special places in the hubs you have access to. It’s simple, but you can only use the parts from the characters you’ve already unlocked. This guide will show you how to customize characters in Lego SW Force Awakens.

Lego Force Awakens Character Customization

Go to the resistance base on D’Qar. This might be possible in other hubs as well, but we haven’t had the chance to try it out. Go to the medical center and enter one of the large tubes in the back of the room.

Once your character is in the tube, you’ll get to choose parts – legs, hips, body, arms, hands and head/helmet. These are all purely cosmetic, so go wild and choose whatever suits you. Keep in mind, you’ll get to use only the parts from minifigures you’ve unlocked. Then you have to choose the weapon, which dictates which skills your new hero will posess. You can also change their name here. When you’re done, just confirm the changes.

Once you’re in free play, you’ll get the chance to test out your newly-created lego person. You won’t be able to use them when you play a story missions for the first time, though.

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    This might seems weird but if a head as been selected from the head category it appears through the character’s face during certain sequences (e.g. reflecting the lightning when fighting the emperor) and I wanted to know if it could be removed

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