Red Brick Locations | Lego SW Force Awakens

Red Bricks are collectibles in Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. They can be found when playing missions both in Story Mode and in Free Play.
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When you collect them, you can spend studs to activate them. They have various effects, from increasing the amount of studs you collect, to regenerating your health and combat bars. This guide will show you all Red Brick Locations in Lego SW The Force Awakens, what they do and how much it costs to activate them.

Note: This guide is a work in progress. We’re going to keep updating it until we’ve got everything.

Lego SW Force Awakens Red Bricks

Stud MagnetIncreases the range of stud attractionBattle of Endor200,000
lego force awakens red brick locations When you get to the first walker, you’ll see a trapped Ewok in a net to the left of it. Use the grappling hook to release him. Use him to climb to the tree and push the cage down. Build a climbing apparatus on the left from the parts, then climb the plateau and get the brick.
Fast BuildIncreases the speed with which you build objectsChapter 1: Assault on Jakku100,000
fast build red brick lego force awakens Go across the courtyard from where you started in the first area. Destroy all the stuff around the merchant. Use the pieces left over to make a dummy. Place it in one slot, then shoot it. Repeat with the other slot.
Fast InteractIncreases the speed with which you interact with objectsChapter 2: Escape from the Finalizer200,000
lego force awakens fast interact red brick After you start the mission, go to the other side of the hangar, through the block pushing puzzle. Use the yellow droid terminal to clear the way. Use the multi-build pile to make a bridge to the ledge with the brick.
Studs x8Multiplies the amount of studs you collectChapter 3: Niima Outpost4,000,000
studs x8 red brick cheat location Only available in free play. Whean you reach the First Order shuttle near the beginning, look for a silver pile behind a fence. After you destroy it, an NPC will make a rocket out of it, and you’ll get the brick as a gift.
Studs x2Multiplies the amount of studs you collectChapter 4: The Eravana1,000,000
stud x2 red brick lego sw force awakens Use Han to go down the corridor, make a right, and keep looking to your left. Use the grappling hook to open the door and you’ll get the brick after the fight.
Studs x6Multiplies the amount of studs you collectChapter 5: Maz’s Castle3,000,000
red brick studs x6 lego force awakens As soon as you start, look for a cracked wall in the castle courtyard, to your left. Break it down and you’ll get the brick.
Destroy on Contact???Chapter 6: Battle of Takodana200,000
lego star wars force awakens red brick destroy on contact After you manage to mow down the TIE fighters in the flying section, look for a fallen tower with the brick floating above it.
Super Slap???Chapter 7: The Resistance500,000
super slap red brick lego sw force awakens Only in free play, in the second part of the map (hangar). Talk to Nien Nunb to lower the elevator, then ride it up. Tear down the cracked wall on the walkway, then go through the hole into the factory room where the brick is.
Studs x4Multiplies the amount of studs you collectChapter 8: Starkiller Sabotage2,000,000
lego force awakens red brick studs x4 The brick is on the ledge to the left of the entrance. If you climb the pile of snow right under it, you can use a character with double jump or a jetpack to get there.
Regenerate HeartsSlowly replenishes health pointsChapter 9: Destroy Starkiller Base500,000
red brick regenerate hearts lego force awakens After you finish the section with the separate paths and go up the elevator, you’ll have to rebuild a ladder. When you do, go right and use the First Order terminal. After you defeat several waves of stormtroopers, you’ll get the brick.
Collect Guide StudsLet’s you collect the see-through waypoint studsChapter 10: The Finale200,000
red brick collect guide studs During the fight with Kylo Ren, in the arena after you do the climbing section, use the Force to move the snowball across the field until it hits a tree. Jump on it, then up, and you’ll get your prize.
The Funk Awakens???Epilogue: Luke’s Island1,000,000
the funk awakens red brick lego sw Only in free play. When you clear the rocks on the ledge, use the dark side force to move the debris embedded into the wall to the right, then use the secret passage behind them.
Imperial InaccuracyMakes enemies miss more oftenCrimson Corsair1,000,000
imperial inaccuracy red brick Use the multi-build bricks that can be used to make a stoplight and release the floating droids, and use send them to the right of the energy field. It will close down, and you’ll find the brick behind it.
Studs x10Multiplies the amount of studs you collectLor San Tekka’s Return5,000,000
studs x10 red brick lego sw tfa After you open the gate and enter the fortress, go towards the camera and to the left. Power up the fighting droids using the charging station on the wall. Take control of one of them and score three points to get the brick.
Super Disco Blasters???Ottegan Assault200,000
red brick super disco blaster lego force awakens Near the beginning of the level. Go to the left and around the building, looking for a cracked wall. You’ll find the brick behind it.
Infinite TorpedoesGives you unlimited torpedoes while flying a shipPoe to the Rescue500,000
infinite torpedoes red brick lego sw After you leave the trash compactor, find Kylo Ren’s secret room to the left of where you begin the next section. Smash everything you find inside.
Fast ForceIncreases the speed with which you use the forceRathar Hunting200,000
red brick fast force lego star wars After you get up the purple flower lift, break the stone wall with Chewbacca. Climb up through the hole and go left. The path will lead to the brick.
Combat Bar RegenSlowly regenerates your combat ability meterTrouble Over Taul1,000,000
combat bar regeneration red brick lego star wars Use the Resistance Terminal in the large room, the one where you almost fall out of the air lock. It will give you access to a ladder, which leads into a room filled with cold liquid. Get past the liquid to get the brick.