Lies of P Motivity vs Technique Difference Explained

In our Lies of P Motivity vs Technique Difference Explained guide, we are going to show you what the difference between Technique and Motivity is in Lies of P. These are probably the most important stats you’ll have to deal with in the game. And yet, because they are named confusingly, even Soulslike veterans might have trouble deducing what they do. That’s what this guide is for, so let’s dive in.

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lies of p motivity vs technique difference explained
Lies of P Motivity vs Technique Difference Explained

What is the Difference Between Motivity and Technique in Lies of P

So, what is the difference between Motivity vs Technique in Lies of P? Well, Motivity is what this game calls Strength, and Technique is Dexterity (or Skill, depending on which From game you prefer). Increasing either of the stats also affects each weapon, but different weapons scale better with different stats. As is customary in Soulslike games, heavy weapons “prefer” Strength, aka Motivity, while light weapon work better with Dexterity, aka Technique. There are also balanced weapons that scale almost equally with both stats, with perhaps a slight preference towards one or the other. Check out our Lies of P Best Combat Style Path Choice guide to find out which build to start with, depending on which stat you want to prioritize at the start.

And there you go, that’s the difference between Motivity vs Technique in Lies of P. Technique is kinda clear, but figuring out what Motivity is complicates things unnecessarily. We do also have to mention the Advance stat. From what I can tell, that scales weapons that cause some kind of status effect and/or deal elemental damage. So, that’s for those of you that pick up the Electric Coil Stick or something like that and become enamored with it. But you get the overall idea: Motivity is for those that like to fight slow and steady and deliver big bonks, while Technique is for people like me, who prefer to stay mobile and deliver fast strikes. If you have other questions about Lies of P, check out our other guides, like Best Starting Weapon and Unable to Level Up After Boss, Leveling Option Missing.

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