Lies of P Best Combat Style Path, Balance, Dexterity or Strength Choice

In our Lies of P Best Combat Style Path, Balance, Dexterity or Strength Choice guide, we are going to tell you what the best Lies of P path is, aka what the most effective fighting styles are. Of course, personal preference is going to play a role in your choice. That’s why we’ll give you a quick breakdown of what each style entails: Path of the Cricket, Path of the Bastard and Path of the Sweeper.

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lies of p best combat style path balance dexterity or strength choice
Lies of P Best Combat Style Path, Balance, Dexterity or Strength Choice

Which Combat Style to Choose in Lies of P Best Path

The best combat style path to choose in Lies of P is the one you are most comfortable with; personal preference is definitely going to play a role here. With that said, let’s break down each path. First off, Path of the Cricket: Balance. Here, the stat points are allocated in a fairly equal way, with 9 Vitality, 7 Vigor, 8 Capacity, 9 Motivity, 9 Technique and 7 Advance. The weapon you start with is the saber. This is not a bad choice if you’re new to soulslike games, but overall, it’s probably the least efficient.

Next, we have Path of the Bastard: Dexterity. This is the most effective fighting style for me, and is likely very beginner-friendly. It prioritizes Vigor and Technique, aka Stamina and Dexterity, placing 12 and 11 stat points respectively. The other stats are 8 Vitality, 7 Capacity, 5 Motivity, and 6 Advance. This Lies of P combat style path choice starts you off with a Rapier. While this build starts you off with comparatively little health, that’s fine because the idea with a Dex build is to not get hit.

Last, but not least, we have the Path of the Sweeper: Strength. It prioritizes Vitality, Capacity and Motivity, placing 11 stat points in each. The other stats are 5 Vigor, 5 Technique and 6 Advance. This is not for beginners. Yes, you have a lot of health and Strength, but your Stamina is pathetic and your attacks are really slow. Therefore, every single hit has to be very deliberate and precise, or else you’re in for a world of hurt. Then again, when you do connect, you’ll deal a lot of damage. The build starts you off with a Great Sword.

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