Anytime, Anywhere Lost Ark Collect Information About Prisoners

The Lost Ark Anytime Anywhere Collect Information About Prisoners quest requires you to, well, collect three pieces of information about prisoners for Nison. This is easier said than done, for several reasons. For one, the game doesn’t really tell you where to find and collect the information about prisoners in Anywhere, Anytime. On top of that, there’s an element of RNG that has been causing a lot of confusion. So, let’s clear a few things up, shall we?

anytime anywhere lost ark collect information about prisoners
Anytime, Anywhere Lost Ark Collect Information About Prisoners

Collect Information About Prisoners – Lost Ark Anytime, Anywhere Quest

To collect information about prisoners in the Lost Ark Anytime, Anywhere quest, you need to pay to release prisoners in the slave market in east Kalthertz. They range in prices, so try to stay in the 300 and below price range; you’ll see why in a bit. You can release up to five prisoners a day. Once you do that, check your in-game inbox at Mail Carrier Troy. Look for chests called Letter of Gratitude. These chests contain all sorts of rewards, which may or may not include the information about prisoners that you’re looking for.

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Now, your enemy here is RNG. Not all prisoners you release are going to give you the letters that count as the information about prisoners which you need to collect. So, if you don’t get the three bits of info, repeat the process tomorrow (real-world tomorrow). That’s the only way to complete the Anytime, Anywhere quest in Lost Ark and collect information about prisoners. It’s also why you should keep the costs low – there’s no way to know how many people you’ll have to purchase the freedom of. Personally, I think this is awful quest design, but that’s just me.

So, yeah. Just keep visiting the slave market in Kalthertz and freeing five prisoners a day, then visit the postman to see if you got the items you need. Rinse and repeat and make sure to sacrifice a lamb or something to the gods of RNG. I wish you the best of luck.

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