Burnt With Love Hidden Story Location Lost Ark

Not everything in Lost Ark is on an epic and large scale. The game also has its share of more subtle and down-to-earth moments. Many of these can be found as part of Hidden Stories. These small tales offer a nice change of pace and serve to deepen the lore of the world of Lost Ark and its many characters. Each zone has its own list of Hidden Stories, and you can see all of these in your Adventurer’s Tome. We want to cover all the Hidden Stories in Rethramis, and now it’s time to take a look at Burnt With Love. In this Burnt With Love Hidden Story Location Lost Ark guide, we will show you where to find this particular Hidden Story, and how to complete it.

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Burnt With Love Hidden Story Location Lost Ark

Where to Find Burnt With Love Hidden Story in Lost Ark

The description for this Hidden Story is pretty vague. It reads: “The man wailed, holding the Half-melted Ring. The relationship might look bizarre to some, but it was pure-hearted and true.” Admittedly, this isn’t a whole lot to go on. However, the half-melted ring part serves to point us in the right direction. We are looking for a fire of some sort. There is a fire raging at the southern end of Rethramis Border, towards the Ankumo Mountain. We’ve marked this exact spot on a screenshot below.

Go there and you will see a burned-down house. You need to go inside the burning wreckage. Don’t worry, the flames won’t burn you. Once you get close enough, you will see a prompt to investigate. Do so, and you will get the following message: “Charred remains of what appears to be a frog. There is a melted ring hanging from its little neck.” This is most likely a reference to “The Frog Princess” fairy tale. As a reward for completing this “Burnt With Love” Hidden Story, you will receive a +1 to Charisma. We hope that you have found this guide useful. If you are interested in other Lost Ark Hidden Stories, our Rethramis Hidden Story Locations guide explains how to complete all seven of the HS in that zone.

Burnt With Love Hidden Story Location
Burnt With Love Hidden Story Location.
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