Loghill Mokoko Seed Locations Lost Ark

The Lost Ark Loghill Mokoko Seed locations are places where you need to go to find these collectibles. There’s a total of nine of them to find; some are out in the open, and others are really well-hidden. There are even some that you have to do specific actions to unlock access to. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find all the Mokoko Seed Lost Ark collectible locations in the Loghill area.

loghill mokoko seed locations lost ark
Loghill Mokoko Seed Locations Lost Ark

Where to Find Lost Ark Mokoko Seed Locations in Loghill

To find all the Loghill Mokoko Seed collectible locations in Lost Ark, you need to visit all the places we’ve marked and numbered on the map below. The first one is next to some ruins, and is easy to spot. The second one is next to a big rock, and is also out in the open.

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Seeds #3 and #4 are a little more difficult. When you get to the location we’ve marked in the image below, you’ll have to defeat a Stone Golem next to the statue of the king. This unlocks a jump prompt behind the golem, to the right of the big tree. There are two seeds here; one is easy to spot, the other is hiding in the bushes in the corner. Use the image for extra assistance, if you need it.

how to get all lost ark loghill mokoko seeds
Mokoko Seeds 3 & 4 (click to zoom in)

The fifth Seed is hidden in the corner of the ruins to the right of the red banner, the one with spikes and a horned skull. Number six is easy to find, just cross the Waterfall Bridge to the northwest and you’ll find the seed at the foot of it. The seventh one is under the large tree that’s immediately to the right of the entrance into the bandit camp. Five and seven are difficult to spot, so check out the screenshots.

The final two Loghill Mokoko Seed locations in Lost Ark are the hardest to reach. Ride all the way to the western corner of Fogwoods Crypt, to the place we’ve marked on the map below. Be careful as you traverse the zone, because it’s teeming with all manner of monster. Once you get to the location, you’ll see that your path is blocked by vines. To remove them, you need to sing the Forest’s Minuet song. After you do that, explore the little enclosed area to find the eight and ninth Mokoko Seeds.

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