Lost Ark Caldarr Fusion Material

The Caldarr Fusion Material is a Lost Ark resource that can be used for Tier 2 Gear Honing. Since Lost Ark is about getting as powerful as you can be – and your equipment being such a big part of this – you will want to have a lot of this material. But where and how do you obtain this material in Lost Ark? Well, we have written this in-depth guide to answer that very question. So let’s dive right into it.

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Lost Ark Caldarr Fusion Material

How to Get Caldarr Fusion Material in Lost Ark

This is a craftable material. To obtain it, first go into your Workshop menu. Here, in the Special tab, you will be able to see what it will require for you to have a Crafting Workshop Level 2, and to have finished the Craft Method: Caldarr Fusion Material (Excavating) Research at the Lab. This crafting process takes about an hour. The materials need to craft it are: x7 Caldarr Relic, x28 Rare Relic, x56 Ancient Relic, and x80 Gold. But how to get these crafting components? We’ll explain this in the next section.

Where to Find Cardarr Relic in Lost Ark

The Cardarr Relic is the most difficult to obtain out of all of these crafting components. It is very rare and you can find it in areas between Yorn and Feiton. To be able to get it, you will need to invest in your Excavating trade skill and have the right Excavating tools. If you do, when you open up a map, in the top-right corner of it you will be able to find out some information about it. This includes Available Relics. What you are looking for is whether or not there are any Purple Relics on the map. If there are, then activate the skill and move around until you have found some Cardarr Relics. This can take a lot of grinding (but what doesn’t in Lost Ark), but, with some luck, you should be able to find these soon enough.

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