Lost Ark Crew, Best Sailors

The Lost Ark crew and best sailors are important for using your ship at optimal capacity. Different ships have different stats, as you probably already know, and the same is true for sailors. Therefore, picking a good crew that gels nicely with the ship can be pretty important. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you on this journey.

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lost ark crew best sailors
Lost Ark Crew, Best Sailors

How to Get More Crew Members in Lost Ark

To get more crew members and best sailors for your ship in Lost Ark, you mostly just have to max out your rapport with them. We’ve written a whole guide on how rapport works in Lost Ark, so give that a quick read if you need to. Basically, just give them gifts they like, play songs they like, and perform emotes they like. The game will tell you their preferences, don’t worry. Some of the recruitable crew members include Cals in Wavestrand Port, Anabel in Rania Village, Orne in Totrich, Blackfang in Blackfang’s Den, Poppy in Icewing Heights, and many others. They all have their rarity score, and are good fits for different ships. That brings us to our next point…

Lost Ark Best Crew – How to Choose the Best Sailors for Your Ship

The best sailors and crew to choose for your ship in Lost Ark depends on which ship you have. For example, the Estoque is an all-around good ship. As laid out by Reddit user NoxNJ (huge props to them), you want it manned by Cals (Legendary, Epic), Pupuring (Relic, Epic) and Tasha (Rare). Another example is the Astray, which is all about speed. The crew there should include Barakas (Relic, Legendary), Blackfang (Relic, Legendary), Fordin (Rare), and Wilhelm Barkstorm (Relic). The final example we’ll give you is the ghost ship Eibern’s Wound. Literally the only sailor you need in this case is Berald (Relic or Legendary).

In short, always read the bonuses that different sailors give you, as well as the stats of the ship. Find the crew members that synergize best with the ship you’re planning to use. Play around with different combos; see what works best for you.

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