Encourage Thirain Lost Ark

You need to encourage Thirain in Lost Ark during the Village with a Lake main story quest. To be exact, the An Anxious Atmosphere step. It seems that this has been giving a players a lot of trouble. People are trying all sorts of different things, including playing the Song of Valor, but nothing appears to work. Well, the solution is actually really simple, as we’re about to show you.

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encourage thirain lost ark
Encourage Thirain Lost Ark

How to Encourage Thirain in Lost Ark

To encourage Thirain in the Lost Ark The Village with a Lake main story quest / An Anxious Atmosphere quest step, bring up the chat window by pressing Enter. Next, type /encourage into the chat and hit Enter again. Just do so while you’re in the yellowish-orange circle around Thirain. If you’ve done everything properly, you’ll complete the quest step and keep going. Yes, that’s all you need to do. If you look at the quest step description in the upper right, it actually says “/encourage Thirain,” with the “encourage” part in blue text. That’s a direct explanation of what you need to do – open the chat and use the Encourage emote by typing the appropriate command into the chat. No playing the Song of Valor or anything. That would actually be kinda clever.

how to encourage thirain in lost ark
Use the “Encourage” emote.

So, there you have it, that’s how you encourage Thirain in the Lost Ark The Village with a Lake main story quest; specifically, the An Anxious Atmosphere step. It’s a shame that this part of the quest has caused so much confusion, because it’s meant to be a nice, bonding moment with the king. I mean, the poor guy is having doubts, despite being both the rightful heir (probably) and beloved by the people. He sees that the people are suffering, and the dang sword refuses to glow in his hands as it’s supposed to and whatnot. So, you get to share a quiet moment with him at the lake. These bond-building moments with NPCs are important in RPGs, so it’s a bummer that it became a matter of frustration for so many people.

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