The Hidden Past of Varut Hidden Story Location - Lost Ark

Lost Ark The Hidden Past of Varut Hidden Story location is one of the most difficult ones to find, because most people would never think to explore the nook where it’s hiding. To make things even more “interesting,” it’s the only one in its set, as far as we can tell, so you won’t even get a hint as to the location of this hidden story. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to show you where to find The Hidden Past of Varut.

the hidden past of varut hidden story location lost ark
The Hidden Past of Varut Hidden Story Location – Lost Ark

Where to Find Lost Ark Hidden Past of Varut Hidden Story

To find the Hidden past of Varut hidden story location in Lost Ark, the first step is to get to Prideholme, on the continent of Rethramis. Once you arrive into the town, head to the northwest of the map, into Prideholme Cathedral. Walk all the way to the church altar and head behind the “iconostasis,” aka the big, wooden walls with the pentagrams. You’ll see that there’s a narrow, long window there, and and the hidden story is between the wooden wall and the window. As soon as you get to that general area, the Investigate icon should appear. Interact with the icon, and boom, you’ve found the hidden story.

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It reads: “I’m going to confess my love for her today. If she rejects me, I shall become a priest. And I will never gaze upon her again.” Yes; the Hidden Past of Varut hidden story in Lost Ark actually gives you a fun bit of info on the local priest that’s hanging around the cathedral. In fact, if you open your Adventurer’s Tome and highlight this particular story, you’ll get a little extra flavor text: “Priest Varut of Prideholme Cathedral gave a sheepish smile. ‘We all have our past. By the way, where in the world did you find that?'” I hope you’re happy; you just embarrassed the poor guy by snooping around where you weren’t supposed to.

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