Sunflowers For My Love Hidden Story Location Map - Lost Ark

The Sunflowers For My Love is a hidden story in Lost Ark, and it will take you through several locations on the map. What makes hidden stories so unique is that they need to be solved in a certain amount of time or else you will need to start them from the beginning. When you pick up the first clue, you have 20 minutes to find the next one. And, after that, 20 minutes to find the third. The only indicator that you have just 20 minutes for this is a small, easy-to-miss icon above the health bar. Naturally, many players are, understandably, confused and frustrated because of this. To help you solve this as quickly and hassle-free as possible, we’ve written this Sunflowers For My Love Hidden Story Location Map – Lost Ark guide.

Sunflowers For My Love Hidden Story Location Map - Lost Ark

The Sunflowers For My Love Hidden Story First Location

This hidden story starts in the city of Prideholme, which is located on the continent of Rethramis. Here, in the southeast part of town, you will come across a house with some sunflowers in its front garden. When you approach the front door, a magnifying glass icon will appear, allowing you to investigate. After you have clicked on it, the following message will appear: ‘”Honey, I’d love to have some sunflowers in our garden.” – “Why are you so fickle? The other day you said you wanted ivy; now you want sunflowers? Woman, can’t you give your husband a break? Aww, it’s going to take forever to get to the Loghill Wildflower Garden. Tsk, tsk.” The old man clucked and grumbled as he packed his bag.’

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The Sunflowers For My Love Hidden Story Second Location

You will notice that you now have a small question mark icon above your health bar and that you have 20 minutes to get to the next clue. Leave the city and go to the Loghill area. n the southwest portion of the map, you will see a bunch of sunflowers. When you get close to them, another magnifying icon will appear. Interact with it to get the next clue. ‘”Oh, look how vivid its color is! My wife would love it. I wish she had come with me here, that lazy hag.” The old man carefully picked seeds from the sunflower and planted them in his garden in Prideholme.’

The Sunflowers For My Love Hidden Story Third Location

Finally, return to Prideholme. Go to the house where you first picked up this hidden story. Instead of interacting with the door, inspect the sunflowers to the right, in the garden. You will get this final message, which completes this hidden story: ‘Thanks to the fertile land, warm sunlight, and the old man’s care, the sunflowers had grown as tall as he was. Like a farmer about to harvest his yearly crops, the old man smiled proudly. “Woman, see my skill? Tell me if there is another geezer in Rethramis who can grow sunflowers as well as I can!”‘

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