How to Leave or Join Guild Lost Ark

One of the best things about MMORPGs is the thrill of playing with your friends and the sense of community that comes with it. In most of these games, it’s possible to join or create special groups where you and your friends and like-minded players can coordinate to play the game together. This involves going on raids, sharing items, and the like. We are referring, of course, to guilds. Lost Ark also has this mechanic. We will explain how this works in our in-depth How to Leave or Join Guild Lost Ark guide.

How to Leave or Join Guild Lost Ark

How to Create and Join Guild in Lost Ark

To join a guild in Lost Ark, you will first need to complete (or skip) the Prologue and arrive at the first proper area in the game – Proudholme. When you have done so, a new button will be accessible in the bottom right corner of the screen, called Community. Click on it. Here, you can now search for a specific Guild. To join a Guild, click “Request” and wait for your request to join the guild to be approved or not.

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Creating a Guild works in a similar fashion. Like joining a Guild, you will also first need to reach Proudholme. Besides this, you will also need to have 2,000 Silver to pay the fee for opening a Guild. Once again, click on Community. After that – “Guild”, followed by “Create”. Type in your Guild name and a description of the Guild. All that’s left is to press “Create” and your guild will be up and running, with you as the Guildmaster.

How to Leave Guild in Lost Ark

If, for whatever reason, you want to leave a Guild, you have two ways of doing so. The first method is to go into the Guild menu and click on “Manage”, followed by “Set”. Here, you will see an option labeled “Leave”. When you click this button, a warning pop up will inform you that you are about to leave this Guild. Click “OK”, and you will leave the Guild in question. The second, easier method, is to open up the chatbox and type in “/guildleave” (without the quotation marks). Once again, you will get a warning informing you what will happen if you leave the Guild. Accept this and you will complete this process of leaving the Guild.

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