Lost Ark Lone Insects Demonic Cave Treasure Map Location & Solution

In our Lost Ark Lone Insects Demonic Cave Treasure Map Location & Solution guide, we’re going to cover several important points. Mostly, we’re going to focus on showing you where to find the Lone Insect’s Demonic Cave and thereby solve the treasure map. Next, we’re going to tell you what you can find in this secret dungeon, and it’s definitely not nothing, even if it’s minuscule in size. Lastly, we’ll briefly explain how to get the map itself, but for the majority of the guide, we’re going to assume that you already have the map and can’t solve it.

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lost ark lone insects demonic cave treasure map location & solution
Lost Ark Lone Insects Demonic Cave Treasure Map Location & Solution

Where to Find Lone Insects Demonic Cave – Lost Ark Treasure Map Solution

To find the Lone Insect’s Demonic Cave, the solution to the Lost Ark treasure map, you need to go to a specific point in the Saland Hill area, on the continent of Yudia. In the middle of the map, you’ll see a stretch of land that goes northeast, towards Aregal Salt Plains. You need to head over to the south side of this path, and then head a little bit to the east. The hidden entrance to the cave is near the wooden structures that house the big blocks. When you come close enough to it, you’ll get the prompt to enter the secret dungeon. It’s a good idea to keep the map open on your screen when you’re near and follow the instructions in the bottom left.

where to find lone insects demonic cave lost ark treasure map solution
Lone Insects Demonic Cave location (click to zoom in)

Once you know where to find the Lone Insect’s Demonic Cave in Lost Ark, and thereby the solution of the treasure map, be sure to enter it. This will eanrThe place is a fairly small dungeon full of creepy-crawlies called Salt Worms. More importantly, it houses a mini-boss imaginatively called Giant Worm. Because it’s a really big worm, you see. It seems that it’s impossible to have a desert level in any fantasy game that doesn’t have a big ole worm somewhere. The boss has around 5500 hit points, so you should be able to beat it yourself. The reward you can get for doing so is the Obscured Secret Ring, which grants you extra Strength, Vitality, Specialization and Crit chance. Incidentally, you get the map in the first place by doing main story quests in the general area.

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