Lost Ark The Cursed Grave Keeper Hidden Story Location

One of the best things about Lost Ark is the fact that it manages to tell both large-scale, epic stories, as well as smaller, intimate ones. Hidden Stories are exactly that. These little tales won’t give you powerful loot or lots of XP. All they really serve is to explore the world and characters of Lost Ark through alternative storytelling methods. Each area has its own set of Hidden Stories, and you can see the full list of these in your Adventurer’s Tome. The Cursed Grave Keeper is one such Hidden Story in Rethramis. Like other HS, solving this one requires that you go to a specific location and interact with an object there. Our Lost Ark The Cursed Grave Keeper Hidden Story Location guide will show you exactly where that is.

Lost Ark The Cursed Grave Keeper Hidden Story Location

Where to Find The Cursed Grave Keeper Hidden Story in Lost Ark

This Hidden Story is heavily tied to Rudric. He is a World Boss that you can fight in Lost Ark. Being undead, it’s no wonder that both he and his associated Hidden Story can be found in a Graveyard. More specifically, the Graveyard in the Rethramis Border area. When you get to this location, immediately head for the Graveyard there.

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You are looking for a group of tombstones here, in the east part of the graveyard. To save you the trouble of looking over each individual tombstone, we’ve marked the location of the tombstone that you need to check out on our screenshot down below. When you get close enough to it, you will get the prompt to examine it. After that, “The Cursed Grave Keeper” Hidden Story will be completed, and you will get a +1 to Courage. If you are interested in other Hidden Stories, we have a full list of how to solve and where all the ones in Rethramis are located.

The Cursed Grave Keeper Hidden Story Location
The Cursed Grave Keeper Hidden Story Location
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