Pear Tree Orchard Secret Lost Ark

There are many secrets to discover in Lost Ark. For a game of enormous size such as Lost ark, this isn’t anything too surprising. However, there are also several quests that require you to find something hidden. In usual circumstances, this wouldn’t be anything too difficult. Unfortunately, there are a couple of things about some of these quests that make them particularly hard to do. The Pear Tree Orchard Secret in Lost Ark is one such quest, and we will show you how to find this location and finish this quest right here.

Pear Tree Orchard Secret Lost Ark

Where is the Pear Tree Orchard’s Secret Location in Lost Ark

Similarly to the Rambutan Orchard’s Secret and the Dalian Orchard’s Secret, the trick here is to find a hidden, out-of-the-way location that isn’t noticeable on the map. The quest objective requires that you “Move to the secret area in Pear Tree Orchard.” This doesn’t give us a lot to go on, and neither does the quest description itself: “I picked up the key to the orchard warehouse that the orchard keeper dropped. With this key, I could open the round orchard warehouses that are locked. I was told the secret warehouse in the pear tree orchard is near the southeast side.”

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This isn’t really the case, which is the reason why so many players are confused over where they need to go to find this location. In fact, while this spot is in the southern end of the map, it’s closer to the middle than it is to the southeast. We’ve marked the exact location on our screenshot down below. When you arrive at this spot, you will see a shack that you can enter, Inside, there are some barrels. Destroy these and behind them you will see a chest. Open it and you will have completed this Pear Tree Orchard’s Secret quest.

Pear Tree Orchard Secret location
Pear Tree Orchard Secret location.
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