Tortoyk, Reverly Row, Turtle Island, Lost Ark Ride Like The Wind Locations

Tortoyk, Revelry Row and Turtle Island locations in Lost Ark Ride Like the Wind are places that you need to visit during the quest. The mission, which you get on Peyto from Una, requires you to act as a marine taxi for people. There are three islands you’re going to have to ferry these people to, but there are actually a few kinks in the system that can cause some trouble. So, here’s our guide to help you out.

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tortoyk revelry row turtle island lost ark ride like the wind locations
Tortoyk, Revelry Row, Turtle Island, Lost Ark Ride Like The Wind Locations

Ride Like the Wind Lost Ark – Give a Ride to a Customer on the Marine Taxi

To complete the Lost Ark Ride like the Wind quest, you need to give rides to customers as a marine taxi, which is kinda what you become in this scenario. The quest description does not do a great job of explaining what exactly you need to do, but it does give you three locations that you’ll need to sail to – Revelry Row, the Tortoyk Seaswept Woods, and Turtle Island. You can choose the order in which you visit the islands, but you do need to visit them all.

Lost Ark Revelry Row Location

The location of Revelry Row is in the quadrant that encompasses the majority of North Vern, as shown in the screenshots below. The island itself is in the sea south of North Vern, in the Ethulia Sea, near the southern edge of the quadrant. Sail to the orange circle on the island, get off the boat and onto the wharf, and walk far enough onto land until you get a bit of dialogue from your customer. Only then should you get back onto the boat. You have to actually get off the boat for it to count.

lost ark revelry row location ride like the wind
Revelry Row location (click to zoom in)

Tortoyk Seaswept Woods Location Lost Ark

The location of Tortoyk Seaswept Woods in the Lost Ark Ride Like the Wind quest is in the first quadrant to the south of the one where Placcia is. I use this for orientation because that’s where Peyto is, where you get the marine taxi mission in the first place. Tortoyk is actually not that hard to spot, since it’s a large island and is named even on the zoomed-out map. Once again, head to the orange circle, get off the boat, walk until the dialogue comes up, and hop back on.

tortoyk seaswept woods location lost ark
Tortoyk location (click to zoom in)

Lost Ark Turtle Island Location

Last, but not least, is the location of Turtle Island in Lost Ark. It’s actually in the same quadrant as Peyto and Placcia; in fact, it’s immediately to the east of Peyto. Therefore, you can either begin your route with Turtle Island or end with it. The route is entirely up to you. The same drill we’ve observed so far goes for Turtle Island too, by the way – sail to the orange circle, disembark, walk until the text appears, and then go back onto the boat. And that should wrap it up.

Turtle Island location (click to zoom in)
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