Prideholme Mokoko Seed Locations Lost Ark - Find Hidden Seed in Prideholme Cathedral

The Lost Ark Prideholme Mokoko Seed locations and the hidden Seed in Prideholem Cathedral are collectibles that you can find strewn across the map. Some of them are kinda easy to find, while others are incredibly well-hidden. This is especially true about the ones in the Prideholme church, as we’ll explain later on. Since picking up all nine of these Mokoko Seeds, we’ll show you where they all are in this guide, including how to get those hidden in the Cathedral.

prideholme mokoko seed locations lost ark find hidden seed in prideholme cathedral
Prideholme Mokoko Seed Locations Lost Ark – Find Hidden Seed in Prideholme Cathedral

Lost Ark Prideholme Mokoko Seed Locations

There are nine Lost Ark Mokoko Seed locations in Prideholme, two of which are hidden behind a fake wall in the Prideholme Cathedral. We’re gonna cover them in a separate section below. As for those that are in the open, we’re gonna start from the Prideholme Triport. Head to the right and pass the staircase leading up on the left. There’s a tree at the bottom of these stairs, and the Seed is behind it.

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Now, climb up those stairs, then keep heading in that direction and a little bit to the right. The second Mokoko Seed will be at the bottom of the large tree, next to the vista. Next, go right and down the stairs, and turn right again, towards the flowerbeds. Mokoko Seed #3 will be in the corner of the statue of the roaring lion.

The fourth of the Prideholme Mokoko Seed locations in Lost Ark is to the northeast of the previous one. There, you’ll find the Plaza Bulletin Board. The Seed is to the left of it, next to the door to Neria’s Tavern. Now, walk to the southeast and walk down the stairs. Turn to the southwest and walk to the side of the house that has vines growing over it, immediately next to the flower pots. The fifth Seed is hidden among the plants, but trust me, it’s there.

The sixth and seventh Mokoko Seeds are on the farms in the southeast of Prideholme. On the farm to the northeast, it’s out in the open, in the tilled soil, very easy to spot. On the farm to the southwest, it’s hiding in the grass near the cart.

lost ark prideholme mokoko seed locations
All Prideholme Mokoko Seeds (click to zoom in)

How to Find Hidden Seed in Prideholme Cathedral Lost Ark

To find the Lost Ark Prideholme Cathedral hidden Mokoko Seed locations, you have to walk through what seems to be a solid wall, but is actually a hidden passage. Basically, walk into the church and go all the way to the altar and Varut. Then, turn left and click around the wall. The second “brick” from the top is the hidden door of sorts. Walk through the blackness, and you’ll find two Mokoko Seeds. It’s not a straight line; there does seem to be some kind of corridor in there that you can’t see. So, just kinda feel your way around and make sure to grab both Seeds before exiting the Prideholme church.

how to find hidden seed in prideholme cathedral lost ark
Prideholme Cathedral hidden Seeds (click to zoom in)
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