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The Legends of Lost Ark Twitch Drops in Lost Ark are special rewards that you can get if you jump through a couple of hoops. You need to link your Twitch and Lost Ark accounts, and then watch streams until you get the call-out in the Twitch chat to claim your rewards. Meanwhile, you’ll get to root for the three different teams as they complete objectives and earn points. In this guide, we’ll explain the whole process and how to get Lola Starter Item Set.

lost ark twitch drops legends of lost ark
Lost Ark Twitch Drops – Legends of Lost Ark

How to Get Lola Starter Item Set in Legends of Lost Ark Twitch Drops

To get the Legends of Lost Ark Twitch Drops in Lost Ark, you first need to enable them for your Lost Ark account. To do that, head over to this link and follow the steps they’ve laid out for you. Just scroll down to the part of the page where you can sign into your Twitch account and link it with your Lost Ark profile. Next, between February 8th at 9 AM PST (5 PM UTC) and March 1st at 12 AM PST (8 AM UTC), make sure to watch four hours of a participating stream to earn each unlocked drop. Yes, that’s a lot of time to dedicate, but the drops are kinda cool.

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Speaking of, here’s how the system works. There are three teams of twenty streamers, each representing a continent – Team Arkesia is North America, Team Elgasia is Europe, and Team Petrania is Latin America. They will earn the Legends of Lost Ark Twitch Drops for your region by completing various objectives in the game to earn points. Also, every completed objective grants the streamers a certain amount of Bronze Founders Packs that they can then give away to their communities.

As for what the drops are, they include the Battle Item Chest with different currencies like Amethyst Shards, the LoLA Starter Item Set, the Saphia Pet Chest, LoLA Helgaia Pet Chest, Arkesia Paper Hat Chest and the top tier is the LoLA Neugier Gold Mount. It’s a huge, golden hoverboard and it looks cool as anything. For more info and to keep an eye of the teams’ progress, check out the official Legends of Lost Ark page.

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