Lost Ark Release Date and Time, Early Access and Server Names

The release date and time for Lost Ark are approaching, along with early access times and server names. Different levels of access are available depending on if you bought the Founders Packs or not. Amazon customers will get a key while purchasers on Steam will have auto entitlement. Even if you don’t buy the pack, it is still not long until everyone can play for free. Read on as we discuss the Lost Ark release date, time, and how to get early access with server names.

Lost Ark Release Date and Time, Early Access and Server Names
Lost Ark Release Date and Time, Early Access and Server Names

Lost Ark Release Date and Time, Head Start and Server Names

Pre-download for the game will begin on Monday, February 7th at 9 AM Pacific Time. This is regardless of if you purchased a Founders Pack or not. The developers have also stated that there is no option to reserve names or complete pre-period character creation. These will only lock in once you have completed the character customization screen.

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Head start access will begin the day after on Tuesday, February 8th at 9 AM Pacific Time. You will get a three-day head start on launch, but for this, you must have purchased the Founders Pack. You can buy this during the three-day advanced period. This will let you have access to the remaining time period before launch.

The official launch day for all servers will be on Friday, February 11th at 9 AM Pacific Time. The game will be free to play. A list of servers available for people to play on is below.

  • Neria (EU Central)
  • Trixion (EU Central)
  • Kadan (EU Central)
  • Calvasus (EU Central)
  • Thirain (EU Central)
  • Asta (EU Central)
  • Zinnervale (EU Central)
  • Wei (EU Central)
  • Slen (EU Central)
  • Azena (US East)
  • Una (US East)
  • Avesta (US East)
  • Regulus (US East)
  • Galatur (US East)
  • Karta (US East)
  • Ladon (US East)
  • Valtan (US West)
  • Enviska (US West)
  • Mari (US West)
  • Kazeros (SA)
  • Agaton (SA)

Servers will reset based on region. Both daily and weekly resets will take place at 1 AM and times will offset based on your region. Note that the in-game UI will display the server’s time, not local time.

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