Sifu Release Date and Time

The release date and time for Sifu are now upon us. Created by Sloclap Studios, creators of Absolver, you take the role of a promising Kung Fu student. A classic revenge tale, you are thrust into a world of danger hunting those responsible for the murder of your family. With a barrage of enemies, it is one Kung Fu student against the world in fast and violent beat-em-up action. Below, we give everything you must know about Sifu including its release date and time.

Sifu Release Date and Time
Sifu Release Date and Time

Sifu Gameplay and Release Date

The gameplay takes its inspiration from Kung Fu cinema of the seventies and eighties. Elevating the beat em up to another level, you learn from errors, upgrade your skills, and master Pak Mei Kung Fu. Stages and environs are as much a part of the game as the characters. Set in a sprawling metropolis, you work from alleyways to the top of the corporate tower in your fight for the city. Everything on the way can assist you, from throwable objects to improvised weapons.

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Sifu Gameplay and Release Date
Sifu Gameplay and Release Date

If that was not enough, the whole game wraps itself in a blistering soundtrack created with Howie Lee. A Beijing-based electronic music producer, Lee has captured the ambiance perfectly. He manages to blend traditional Chinese instruments and techniques with a modern synth-wave backing.

Situ Pre Order Standard and Deluxe Edition

Pre-order is available now and there are two editions available. These are the standard and deluxe editions. Anyone who pre-orders get the following:

  • Pre Order Avatars Pack (Standard and Deluxe)
  • Photo Mode Cinematic Pack (Standard and Deluxe)
  • 10% Discount (Deluxe)
  • 48 Hour Early Access (Deluxe)
  • Digital Artbook (Deluxe)
  • Digital Soundtrack (Deluxe)

The game will release on February 8th. It is available on PC on the Epic Games Store or PlayStation 4 and 5. Get ready to begin the journey to Kung Fu mastery!

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