Lost Ark Server Maintenance & Downtime

Lost Ark server maintenance and downtime are gonna be a hot topic at times. Why? Because every so often, the developers are going to have to shut access to the game off while they implement changes and patches. Such is the case on January 20th, 2023. Servers are going to be down for more then four hours while the devs work on it. So, let’s see when the maintenance is going to begin and when it should end.

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Lost Ark Server Maintenance & Downtime
Lost Ark Server Maintenance & Downtime

Lost Ark Downtime – Server Maintenance

The cause of the Lost Ark server downtime is that the developers took them down for maintenance and to implement the new Witcher update. All Lost Ark servers and regions will be coming down on Wednesday, January 20th, 2023, at 12 AM PDT / 03 AM EDT / 8 AM British Time / 9 AM CET, and this process is expected to last for about three hours. Downtime for regions with server merges is expected to take longer, estimated up to 16 hours. This is the latest from the developers, as you can see in their tweet down below.

As for what the devs are doing during maintenance, it’s introducing a hotfix, according to the post on the Lost Ark forums. You can see the full list of changes there. It’s mostly relatively minor stuff.

When Will Lost Ark Servers Be Up

The Lost Ark servers will be back up when the maintenance and downtime are over. In this case, it should be four hours, unless something unexpected happens. That should be 4 AM PT / 07 AM EST / 12 AM BST / 1 PM CET. So, depending on your schedule, you’re either not gonna feel this or a whole day of gaming is gonna go straight out the window. Though, the entire process often takes less time than that, and the developers are purposefully giving a four-to-eight hour window in case something goes wrong, so that they can have the time to fix it. However, it’s a relatively small price to pay for the game being more stable, content-rich, and bug-free now.

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