The Mirage Lost Ark Yudia Hidden Story

Lost Ark has so much content that it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of it all. Luckily, the Adventurer’s Tome is a very handy tool, since it can tell us how many quests, collectibles, and the like we still have. If you want to 100% complete the game, you will need to make use of this mechanic and do just about everything there is to do in Lost Ark. Though, sometimes this is anything but easy. Take “The Mirage”, a Hidden Story on the continent of Yudia. To complete this HS, you will need to figure out where you can find it. To help you from wasting too much of your precious time on figuring out how to do this, our The Mirage Lost Ark Yudia Hidden Story guide will show you where to go so that you can complete this in no time at all.

The Mirage Lost Ark Yudia Hidden Story

Where to Find The Mirage Hidden Story in Lost Ark

Like Spending an Eternity Together and Solar Salt Candy, The Mirage is also a Yudia-centered Hidden Story. The description for this Hidden Story is a little vague (like most Hidden Stories), but it does provide us with a couple of critical clues. It reads: “While crossing the rope at Ozhorn Vestiges I saw a woman in a dress on the other side. Why is that a big deal? The woman didn’t have a head.”

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So, while cryptic, this does provide some info. The first of these is that we should be looking for this HS in the Ozhorn Hill area. And the second – that we should be on the lookout for a cross rope of some kind. We’ve marked the location of this cross rope on our screenshot below. Simply cross it, and on the other side, you will come across a spot that you can investigate. Doing this will complete “The Mirage” Hidden Story in Yudia.

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